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  1. West Palm Beach would be my choice!
  2. gifted golfer

    PRGR egg video

    Looks good, waiting to hear more!
  3. Verizon here. It is far better than AT & T
  4. gifted golfer


    Anniston - Here! Will play anywhere lol
  5. gifted golfer

    My Bag

    Nice Bag I have been looking at this one. http://giftedgolfer....ivider-cart-bag Has anyone ever used this one?
  6. gifted golfer

    New putter purchase...

    Where did you find the listing for the club? I've looked in Backpages before but never find much. Also never find much on Craigslist - I agree though, you won't regret that buy, especially when golf season is in full swing! Checking out Ebay might also be something to consider! I'm excited to see what new developments we'll see this spring from top companies.! Gifted golfer www.giftedgolfer.com
  7. gifted golfer

    Get fitted now or wait??

    Although I had replied earlier that they should just go ahead and get fitted, you make a good point! You are right, there could be plenty of new and exciting releases and they might want to avail themselves of the latest and greatest. I have personally had this happen and I spent the season eyeing my golfing buddy with this cool new driver.! I guess you might just flip a coin! lol Gifted Golfer
  8. gifted golfer

    Get fitted now or wait??

    I think you'd do better to get fit now while you're in top driving condition. You can consult a golf pro at your favorite golf course for some personal in put, but if you get set up now you can do some indoor swing training through the cold winter ahead and loss less of your edge. There are plenty of indoor training aids you might want to use & you might as well be using your custom-fit clubs while you do it! And, like another poster suggested, you never know if you might be out of town to a warmer environment - might as well have your personally fit drivers ready! Happy Driving! Gifted Golfer http://giftedgolfer.com/