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    SYard T388 - Quadra Fire 65 SX PRGR 3W HD TRPX Messenger **** Geotech Utility GTU 0379 19* Epon AF Tour 3-PW Nippon Modus 120X Yururi Raw Gekku 49 & 53 Geotech w213 58 Machine Custom Damascus M10

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  1. this bag has been outside maybe 10 times. i only used it as a range bag and was never taken on the course. Bag is still in excellent shape. if you need more pictures please let me know. Rain cover is included. 500 USD (pp) shipped anywhere in the world
  2. $550 on the epons. thats a full set - 8 clubs.
  3. Price drop 600 USD shipped in US? intl split shipping costs.
  4. Bumping this. Any Best Reasonable Offers?
  5. mr.haha

    S-Yard T388 9.5 $ sold.

    this is an insanely cheap price. if i didnt have two already i would pick this up. amazing head.
  6. Epon AF Tour Endo Forged Blades 3-PW Head Only - very good condition. Grooves are in very condition. Lots of life left. Some bag chatter. These were my back up clubs and as a result saw less playing time. Played on soft conditions in North East USA Asking $620 shipped CONUS. will ship internationally. JDM Wedges and Hybrid – Yururi Raw Gekku – Geotech - $50 for each piece including shipping in conus. Wedges played in soft conditions. Plenty of life left. Hybrid has a couple paint chips on the back which are hard to see from address. Geotech wedge is 50* Yururi Raw Gekku Wedge is 53* Geotech Hybrid is 19*
  7. 700 bucks delivered! otherwise im taking these down.
  8. I hate to do this but baby #1 on the way so i have to clear some stuff out.Selling heads only Epon AF Tour 3-PW. Heads are in very good condition and grooves have a lot of life left. There is a small ding on the 3 iron sole (toe) and there is some bag chatter. These irons have not seen the course in a couple years. international send me PM for quote. i will charge actual shipping rates.Asking $850 $750 shipped CONUS vis USPS PMYururi Raw Gekku Wedge 49* Head Only – $SOLD
  9. mr.haha

    SEVEN WEDGE CONTEST - Winner's review (join)

    Update on my wedges: after 5 rounds and more range time i felt the wedges soften up. i guess it took me time to get used to the grind as well. Wedges are definitely softer than my first round and spin is still on par. ive chose to put the 50* and 54* in my backup bag and game the 60* for a a bit. overall i am happy with these wedges and will reserve them for more firm/dry courses. the bolds will be my main gamers for the soft conditions in Massachusetts.