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    S YARD T388 10.5 stiff, Onoff Kuro 9 deg Labospec Hashiri 70s Onoff kuro 3w fw80 7.7, 5w labospec tataki 70sx Callaway xhot2 pro jp model 18 deg stiff. Epon AF Tour 3-pw SPB x SS Epon 50, 56,60 titleist jp vokey 2011 endo forged model Odyssey JDM X milled #9 / Yonex EZM001

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  1. SOLD thanks tsg Diamana BF 70s driver length 4th Generation (2017) shaft. $xxxusd gifted pp plus shipping. Condition is excellent. Length 43"3/8. Played 45".5 in my driver. Graphite Design Tour AD TP-8s. Condition is v good. Length from grip to tip 41"3/4 played to 43". Has a Graphite Design Tour cord on it. $xxxusd gifted pp plus shipping.
  2. Selling PRGR RS forged 4 iron head only. Condition excellent. $110.00 usd pp gifted shipped.
  3. Cherise what time you have left. Prayers goes out to you and your family.
  4. Wow..love these specs...flatter lie angle and slightly open face in a 460cc head ?
  5. Hi
    Would you be interested swapping aaa for my labospec tataki 70sx.



    1. hardboiled


      Hi Jeff, sorry mate but already got a Tataki. 

  6. Wow... Beautiful... I'm using the Nabla Black series...had to weaken 1 deg 7-p as they were to strong. But the hollow cavity works fantastic..in.the longer irons there is a slight click...but they launch and fly mile...the mid-p feel more like cb.
  7. Looks similar to the Tourstage X blade 705 type S...705 looks boxer.
  8. Yes can be used with butt extension in 3w. Length is close to 41 3/8" I tad shy
  9. Selling Crazy Fw80 7.7 5wood shaft in v gd condition. $170.00usd pp gifted plus freight
  10. I would like to buy prgr nabla black 3i n 4i head
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