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    S YARD T388 10.5 stiff, Onoff Kuro 9 deg Labospec Hashiri 70s Onoff kuro 3w fw80 7.7, 5w labospec tataki 70sx Callaway xhot2 pro jp model 18 deg stiff. Epon AF Tour 3-pw SPB x SS Epon 50, 56,60 titleist jp vokey 2011 endo forged model Odyssey JDM X milled #9 / Yonex EZM001

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  1. SOLD thanks tsg Diamana BF 70s driver length 4th Generation (2017) shaft. $xxxusd gifted pp plus shipping. Condition is excellent. Length 43"3/8. Played 45".5 in my driver. Graphite Design Tour AD TP-8s. Condition is v good. Length from grip to tip 41"3/4 played to 43". Has a Graphite Design Tour cord on it. $xxxusd gifted pp plus shipping.
  2. Selling PRGR RS forged 4 iron head only. Condition excellent. $110.00 usd pp gifted shipped.
  3. Jeffrey Tan

    F**k Cancer - an update on TourSpecGolfer

    Cherise what time you have left. Prayers goes out to you and your family.
  4. Jeffrey Tan

    WTB SYARD T388 10.5

    Pm sent
  5. Jeffrey Tan

    Pro Gear RS-F Driver 3.5* Open 56* Lie Angle!

    Wow..love these specs...flatter lie angle and slightly open face in a 460cc head 😍
  6. Hi
    Would you be interested swapping aaa for my labospec tataki 70sx.



    1. hardboiled


      Hi Jeff, sorry mate but already got a Tataki. 

  7. Jeffrey Tan

    2016 PRGR RS Forged Irons

    Wow... Beautiful... I'm using the Nabla Black series...had to weaken 1 deg 7-p as they were to strong. But the hollow cavity works fantastic..in.the longer irons there is a slight click...but they launch and fly mile...the mid-p feel more like cb.
  8. Jeffrey Tan

    Epon Personal 3 Irons Revealed - And it's not a blade!

    Looks similar to the Tourstage X blade 705 type S...705 looks boxer.
  9. Jeffrey Tan

    Crazy FW-80 7.7 5wd shaft

    Yes can be used with butt extension in 3w. Length is close to 41 3/8" I tad shy
  10. Jeffrey Tan

    Crazy FW-80 7.7 5wd shaft

    Selling Crazy Fw80 7.7 5wood shaft in v gd condition. $170.00usd pp gifted plus freight
  11. Jeffrey Tan

    prgr nabla black 3i and 4i head

    I would like to buy prgr nabla black 3i n 4i head
  12. Jeffrey Tan

    Yonex Z01 3i 20 degree ut head only

  13. Jeffrey Tan

    Callaway Legacy Black 3-p heads

    Sold.. Thanks tsg
  14. Jeffrey Tan

    Spring Clean Crazy Longest Yard FW-01 further reduced

    Further reduced $150