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    Callaway FT9 TA Fubuki Alpha Adams Prototype Rombax Gold 4-PW Epon AF302 Nippon Orange Miura 54/9 Scotty Cameron ButtonBack II Ping White Hoofer
  1. Epon AF 302 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Played 3 rounds in the last 3 days and these are LEAST 1 full club longer. MB
  2. I have just replaced my Miura CB501 with some Epon AF302 Reasons Why : I needed change. The pitching wedge in the Miura set is the ugliest club ever made. The length from heel to toe is a little to long for my taste. The epons HONESTLY had 15mph Ballspeed more than the Miuras Miura 6Iron= 175yrd Carry Epon 6Iron= 190yrd carry (both w/ Nippon Orange) The face on the Epons seems to me to be hotter and SOFTER. + The pitching wedge looks great. And I needed change.
  3. Thanks for the input. I think im going to stick with the original look.
  4. I was wondering since my new EPON 302's irons are on the way if I could send them anywhere or maybe back to EPON to get this black look to them. Is it possible ? Would it change the feel of the irons ? How much would it be ? Thanks for the input.