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    Yamaha, Epon, quadra, diamana, GD, nippon.
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    Yamaha inpres X V203 Diamana X 60s Yamaha inpres x V14° Diamana X 70s TS 901 X100 3-P or Honma TW MB X100 Wedges: Depends on the day. Epon Zen
  1. Off the Market!!

    You'd better get these moving quickly before Chris deletes it. He's putting his foot down, no more new gear on bst.
  2. Best is to just go directly to the post office. Online seems to give dodgy prices and length info. You should be able to send it to the EU using USPS without any problems.
  3. Quadra FW FEX 65S My stiff shafts are all going. Bought this new last year. I had back problems so I needed to be a little more careful. Gamed it for 2/3 months. 1 time pull, in very good condition. My favorite FW shaft, just a bit too soft/light for me now. I'd love a trade for a 75S or even X (the FW FEX version), If not 280 dollars shipped, gifted or plus fees. Raw it measures 42.1 inches.
  4. Excellent wedges. Nice guy to deal with too.
  5. I like this old school piece. Great fw shaft too. Why on earth are you selling it? Might as well keep it for that price.
  6. More beer and kbeasly crap me up. Nice one fellas.
  7. Second hand info but I heard they're pretty big with quite a bit of offset.
  8. Sold thanks tsg

    Head only could nice!
  9. +1 Just thinking about it made me go from stiff to X stiff.
  10. Sold locally

    Not really mate, but sanks for ze offer.
  11. Pls close thanks DONATED.

    How much is shipping to the EU?
  12. Sold. Thanks tsg.

    From what i've been told, slightly lower flight and less spin.
  13. Classy bag. I'd take this any day over those ghastly flashy jdm bags.
  14. My kind of wedge. Lovely.
  15. No idea. But Honma were kind enough to drop off their new line the other day for me to try a fortnight ago. Lovely stuff. Worlds apart from their usual lines. The 340 driver is quite impressive. Low spin, but with an easy launch, nice mute sound, tons of rolls, great shape. 355 is easy, and I mean easy in every way and performing. And the MB, not soft like some jdm, but very nice. Similar to TS. My only issue with them is the choice of shafts.