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    Woods: Mizuno Wings 1W, 3W and 5W Irons: Mizuno MS-801 4-SW Wedges: Mizuno MP T-4 58-08, Putter: Mizuno 0604 Ball: Bridgestone E5.
  1. Gaijin_Golfer

    Mizuno irons

    I believe it is. Last I knew, all Mizuno's forgings were done by Chuo in Hiroshima. I know that more recently, Mizuno has the finishing of their irons done in China but the forging is still done in Japan. Theyve been working with Chuo for over 40 years and I cant seem them ending that relationship.
  2. Gaijin_Golfer

    Mizuno irons

    Agree. If youre going Mizuno JDM, you might as well go Yoro.
  3. Gaijin_Golfer

    Mizuno irons

    The cosmetics of the heads are slightly different. The biggest difference is the shafts. Shafts in Japan are much weaker than that in the U.S. Ive owned a few JDM clubs and r-flex felt like a senior or ladies' flex.
  4. Gaijin_Golfer

    Lexus vs Merc

    Lexus all the way. The quality, reliability and fit 'n finish of Japanese cars is superior to that of Euros.
  5. Gaijin_Golfer

    Mizuno Pro MS-801

    I recently picked a set of these up off of Ebay. Does anyone know what the specs of these are? The set I got is a 4-SW and the wedges in the set are a p, p/s and s. Im really looking to find out what the loft on the s is. Ive currently got a Mizuno MP T-4 58* wedge and am wondering if maybe I will need to have it bent to 60* in order to fit in with the rest of this set. From what I understand, this set was a Japan release in the early '80s. I also recently picked up a set of Mizuno Wings woods and a Mizuno 0604 putter (basically a Mizuno Bullseye). You might say Ive got somewhat of a vintage Mizuno bag.
  6. Gaijin_Golfer

    2013 Year of the Muscle Back - Poll

    I'd have to go with the X-Blade. I love the clean, compact look of it. I'd probably take a Yoro Crafted set of Mizuno MP-69s over any of those though.
  7. Gaijin_Golfer

    Which iron will you be playing for 2013??

    Mizuno JPX-800 Pro 4-pw. Recently scored them on EBay, had my first round with them today and am VERY happy with them.
  8. Gaijin_Golfer

    It's (almost) Winter in the Midwest. If you won the lottery...

    Id go all JDM Mizuno.
  9. Gaijin_Golfer

    Not a Big Miura Fan

    They are great irons but they arent the end-all, be-all irons that were crafted by the hands of God like some people talk them up to be.
  10. Gaijin_Golfer

    List of all Japanese forging companies

    Mizuno's heads are forged by Chuo. They a Japanese company who does a lot of forging for transit applications (high-speed rail) and only made clubheads for Mizuno.
  11. Gaijin_Golfer

    Putter Selection... Does It Matter?

    For me its all putter design and ball. I tend to putt best with a blade because to me, it has the most feel. With some of these big mallets, I feel that the heavier headweight kills the feel and makes it much more difficult for me to get the speed right. Also, the ball is important because different balls make a different sound at impact and that too effects perception of feel.
  12. Gaijin_Golfer

    New Yonex driver for Ishikawa?

    I thought he was switching to Callaway? Definetly looks like a Yonex to me.
  13. Sexy. Id like to see the real thing before I make a final decision though. Im just glad to see Lexus trying new, bolder styles. For a while there they were pretty bland.
  14. Gaijin_Golfer


    Ive found when shipping from Japan that the tracking isnt as detailed as when I ship within the U.S. Id agree to call customs with the tracking number, tell them you need the item and see what they can do for you. Its kind of funny that, in every case, Ive gotten my items quicker from Japan than I do when I buy from Ebay sellers in the U.S.
  15. Swisher Sweets with the wood tips.