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  1. Looks like the R&A have ruled this driver non-conforming - no wonder it was gathering such a good reputation... it seems it was exceeding the CT limit for off centre hits!!!PRGR are offering a FOC replacement with the much cooler looking (and conforming) Prototype version but not until Feb... Most of the tour pros have been using the prototype version. My guess would be that they've just ordered another production run of the prototype heads... https://www.prgr-golf.com/information/info/rsf2.html
  2. Sorry I forget not everybody speaks or reads Japanese fluently! I first saw this posted on the Japanese Golf Digest website. I've searched online for more information on this but there isn't anything beyond the press statement. Nothing on the R&A website I could find either. But the RS-F still on the conforming list, so its legal to play. I would guess that some of the R&A tests are showing the RS-F to be over the CT limit and they are negotiating with PRGR. The shape of the crown makes the whole face flex more, making it extremely easy for them to build non-conforming drivers if they want but more importantly to get the CT up to the limit for a larger area of the club face...
  3. Seems PRGR are finally learning to put their tech in a cleaner package.
  4. That's me getting seduced by the X on the face ....
  5. Looks like that is exactly what JBeam did. The response letter from the R&A is to addressed to Kazuhiro Sakata, the president of J-Beam (JGE) asking him to confirm the release date so they would know when to put the driver onto their conforming clubs list... http://www.trpx.jp/arc/1149
  6. J-Beam (JGE) registered the driver then 'somebody' didn't confirm the release date of the driver. However, as J-Beam wrote the registration letter they should have confirmed to the R&A the release date. Smells of an administrative cock up to me. Probably a result of being a very small company and under resourcing their admin. Clearly though it is not good business practice to call out either your supplier or your customer for something, unless there is something else behind it... Still very interested to know where these new TPRX drivers are coming from...
  7. I wonder if Kamui Pro are 'making' this. Looks allot like the classic KP-X to me....
  8. Looks like it wasn't the COR but the fact that the driver wasn't included in the R&A's list of conforming clubs, despite the club head being 'approved' by them. Both of the approval letters from the R&A ask for a confirmation of a launch date so that it can be included in their list of conforming clubs. Doesn't look like the people at TRPX read down and/or understood the letter.... http://www.trpx.jp/arc/1149 (R&A Pdfs are at the bottom of the announcement)
  9. I heard that Baldo changed the factory where their woods are made. These things are certainly a huge step up! The Baldo LOOP combination is just a great mix as well...
  10. Sounds like you'd be better off moving out to the sticks and commuting in. Or moving to another smaller city, where you can hop on an expressway and be in the countryside in 30 minutes!
  11. You'll have to pay through the nose to play fun and casual golf in Japan... supo's correct in the fact that you'll have to be a member to play on your own. A business owner friend of mine regularly plays 9 holes by himself first thing in the morning at his course, showers, changes and then goes into work.
  12. Sounds like most custom club fitter shops in Japan then! For me the second hand shops that specialize in boutique brands are the real Aladdin's Caves... Should be playing at Kasugai Country in a month so may pop in on my way home.
  13. was in the Nagoya area. The shop is in Kasugai city on a kokudou.
  14. I need to visit that shop on my next trip to Japan. When I was into large OEM clubs I used to regularly drive past it to the GOLF5 shop down the road....
  15. That was my experience. I assumed that I was hitting a 75g shaft and it was the 58g SX HD model.
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