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  1. Oh man, I picked a terrible time to transition out of my job. Hopefully I land back on my feet soon (preferably the next month) and if they are still around, I'll take them monacos and all (been wanting a set with those... anyways). For now, I guess I wish you a good luck with the sale!
  2. JakeBarnes

    tourstage 901 x-blades 4-pw

    Agreed. One of the best blade sets I've ever played. Get it together people!!! :)
  3. JakeBarnes


    I'm in the south suburbs for the time being... let me know if you guys are out and want to meet for a round!
  4. JakeBarnes

    Finally Finished...? JakeBarnes WITB

    Absolutely love the Yururi. To be honest, I wasn't as convinced I would love it at the beginning. Really struggled with dialing it in because it spun TOO much sometimes on shorter shots; checking up with little to no roll out (...funny, isnt that what we strive for?!). It took a little bit on the range and around the practice holes at my course to really gain the confidence level that I am at now (and I'm still figuring things out a bit). However, now I know that I can pretty much throw the ball at the stick and watch the ball check up and stop right near where it lands. Really lets me pin hunt from about 80 yards and in. I am really happy with how it performs, especially now that I have played with it enough and seen just how accurate and smooth it is to open up and make flops or other shots. Really lets me be creative and improvise.
  5. JakeBarnes

    Finally Finished...? JakeBarnes WITB

    If I had the scratch lying around your 905's would already be on their way to me! The Tour VS are an amazing fairway. I can't miss with this setup. Tend to play my 14* off the tee on the majority of courses as it is unbelievably accurate, gets me about 260-265ish off the tee and most of the courses I play are tight. Perfect club for it. The Kai'li are awesome once I got them dialed in. Felt a little loose at the start, but now the 3w is tipped 1" and the 5w is at 1.5". Only downside to the Tour VS is that it is a really light head. Had to work really hard to get the swingweight up on it for control purposes (dry fit for my 5w came in at C4... I normally play things at D2). Now that it is adjusted, I am completely enamored. If you are even toying with the idea of the Tour VS, I'd say go for it! You won't regret it... even with how much you like to switch things up. As to the JBeam... seems like a popular club around here. I tend to go for deep-faced low spin heads. Would the 435 qualify as that? Always interested to try new things.
  6. JakeBarnes

    Which of these three bags should I buy?

    I want that yellow one so badly... ...must...resist. What I'd really like right now is a good Tourstage carry bag. And to answer the first question... the red, white and blue Tourstage is unbelievably fierce!
  7. JakeBarnes

    Finally Finished...? JakeBarnes WITB

    Although it really doesn't seem to match the overall facade and theme of my golf bag, the driver is a beast and I cannot argue with results. I have found it to be very workable, customizable with ease and unbelievably long. Hit a 350 yard drive last weekend. While it sounds like a bullet at impact, it will hold a place in the bag for now. I really don't have any experience at all with JDM drivers. To be honest, I am a bit intimidated by what is out there. Forged blades and wedges are really easy to figure out. Drivers have so much going on (shaft, face, foregiveness, look, etc) that I don't really know where to start. As to a 60*... I really don't need one. I grew up with a 56* in my hand... it was the club I used in the field near my house, so I am pretty confident in almost any shot with it from 100 yds and in. Plus, with the Yururi, the amount I can open that face up to play high flops with nice stopping power is amazing. Such a great wedge. The pictures don't do the RC Tour VS justice. The white grip/blue ion shaft combo is amazing to look at. Honestly, these are the best performing fwys that I have had the opportunity to bag. Played a round yesterday where I used the 14* off the tee almost exclusively (really tight course) and got great results.
  8. Well, I think I am really content with my bag right now... enough so to post it here for all to see. To be honest, I never owned a lick of JSpec equipment until about 4 months ago. I was really happy with all of my stuff, but wandered over to TSG because I wanted to get conforming wedges that spun like crazy... three months later, everything in my bag changed but the putter. Here is the final product. I hope you enjoy. My Current Setup: Adams Fast 12 LS 8.75* with either: - Matrix HD Black Tie 7M3 (x) - UST VTS Silver Tour SPX (7x) Royal Collection Tour VS 14* and 18* with Diamana Kai'li 80x Tourstage X-Blade 901 3-PW with KBS C-Taper 130 Geotech Tour Issue 2010 50* with KBS C-Taper 130 Yururi Tour 56* (conforming) with KBS C-Taper 130 (2x softstepped) Now to the good stuff, the pics: The Bag: Fairways: Shafts: Irons: Wedges: The GameChanger: Hope you enjoyed my bag! If you have any questions about the setup, any suggestions, or just wanna say hi, please feel free! -Pete
  9. Oh my are those beautiful irons. I have a whole lot of iron envy right now.
  10. JakeBarnes

    My Bettinardi Prototype

    I actually got it on the BST on GolfWRX from an LPGA player about 3 years back. I had been searching high and low for about a year for this specific design and lucked into it there. Once I can set aside some money for it, I think I will head down an hour south of me and visit Studio B and hopefully convince Bob to make me another one, maybe this time with flamed DASS and a modified FIT face.
  11. JakeBarnes

    My Bettinardi Prototype

    I'm not a big player in the putter world, but I really enjoy Bettinardi offerings. Figured I'd share a display of my current gamer for you to enjoy. It's a Bettinardi Tour prototype made for Sabbatini when he was with Mizuno (thus the Mizzy stamp). Weld neck that plays to 34". Plays like a dream and the most confident I have ever felt with a putter in my hand.
  12. JakeBarnes


    I'm drooling, all right. Sadly, I am also on a really tight budget as the job situation is in the air and I don't think you're offering a layaway program... Absolutely gorgeous irons, man. Gonna have to track a set down once I get back on my feet.
  13. Price drop. My company is going through a merger and got informed that my company will no longer need my services. Would like to sell reasonably quickly just for the added liquidity. :/
  14. For Sale: 2012 Royal Collection BBD 305V 18* head. In good shape, got it from a member here (nudge) to whom they were issued to at JPGA tour school. I became enamored with RC Tour VS instead as my fairway of choice (but then again, the ho'ing never quits, does it?), so this guy is back on the market. Normal face wear with a very slight bit of scuffing near the topline, but overall I'd put it at 8/10. Headcover is included. Cheers! Asking $225 $200 plus shipping. SOLD
  15. JakeBarnes

    KBS C Taper vs Nippon Modus3

    I do not have much experience with the Modus, but a lot of experience with the C-Taper. I would categorize both shafts as "smooth." The modus has a softer tip and plays slightly lower than the stated flex because of this feel. High ball flight with soft landings, especially in the lower irons. The C-Tapers have gotten a bad rap as "harsh" and "hard to load." Here are my thoughts. First, while the C-Taper 130s CPM higher than most standard X, they are very easy to load if you have the right swing. KBS C-Tapers are not meant for smooth swingers, but those that are hitters. In my case, I have a smooth tempo, but my swing is a digger/driver type swing that is of a hitter. If paired with this type of swing, the C-Tapers are very, very smooth feeling and make my TTDG X-100s feel like crap. C-Tapers really do reduce spin and give you a very strong flight in windy conditions. The flight is not as low as many seem to think as I don't have much trouble landing on the greens softly with my lower lofted clubs. Heck, I even play a 130 in my 50* and a softsteped 8i 130 in my 56* (which is a spin monster in itself... yururi tour). A really high quality shaft that has changed my game.