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    TM 430 SLDR, UST attas3 SYard XV 5w. Tour AD BB Adams idea pro A12 hybrid, crazy hybrid . Yamaha RMX blades 4-p. NS Proto E10 Mizuno MP T10 50, 56,60. Super Peening blue Odyssey Tank cruiser 7
  1. Quadra sold. Thanks bjorn
  2. Hi guys Been away from the game for a while and now selling off some old stock. 1. Tour AD 9003x. 43 in. $150 2. Matrix Black Tie 6M3 stiff. 42.5 in. $120 3. UST Mamiya Attas3U 6x. 42.75in. Excellent condition, factory bought with SLDR tip. Never pulled. $170 4. Quadra Fire express 75SX. 40.5 in. $90 5. Tour AD DJ7x. 42.5 in. $120 6. Crazy Royal Decoration SR. 42.5in. $150 All shafts are actual lengths with no tipping. All in good condition. The Attas4u and Royal Dec have seen minimal play and are in excellent condition. Prices are firm and in U.S. Dollars net PP shipped with tracking. I'm from Townsville, Australia and no trades sorry. Thanks for looking.
  3. Mint condition including wrench tool and original head cover. SOLD> . PP net delivered with tracking. Cheers and thanks for looking.
  4. Hey mate, You still looking? I have a matrix black tie stiff with sleeve. Pm me if you interested. I'm in Townsville. Cheers
  5. Gday Idrive, I just happen to have a set of SDJ sitting around. I don't know what yr these are. You would know. Very good condition apart from the small gash on the face of the 51. I bought these from Bogey and have not played them. Asking $330 US net shipped to you from Australia. Cheers Nam
  6. nambo


    Hi SQuid. Nice gear there. You probable need to take some better pictures though.
  7. I'm no big fan though he was ultra clutch on the back nine on Sunday.
  8. Hey Art, I have been gaming a Piretti Teramo centre shafted 365g for a few weeks now. I like it. It's face balanced and feels good with my straight back and through stroke. It has a sort of pearlescent finish that looks like thick varnish. Sound/feel is soft muted and not at all clicky like the the SUS303 GS mono M1. It has less loft, 2.5 degrees which suppose to make it roll faster.This wouldnt be good if you had a forward press though. I have been making more 5 footers so overall i'm pretty happy with it.
  9. hey stu, U want that FEx SX back?
  10. nambo

    Ryoma F2

    Hey there, interested in any trades? Pm me if so Cheers
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