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  1. Epon Af-tour 4 iron

    wtb a Epon Af-tour 4 iron... thanks.
  2. price update.
  3. epon zen sold.. update price.... I still prefer ship to USA so that I don't need to sell head only.. update: any combine and split can be discussed, welcome to PM>> I have to clear my garage before this summer since too many clubs there.. I bought yamaha sets in TSG, RC from members here, and Epon Zen in TSG, I replaced the grip for it. RC Utility is X flex, and 3 wood is s flex. 1. 2013 yamaha 2013 limited tour forged iron set 4-p. $900 $800 $780$750+shipping. 2. Yamaha 2013 wedge 52, 56. $200 $180 $150+shipping. 3. RC wood 3, $100 $80 shipped S shaft. 4. RC utility 17 degree $100 $80shipped. 5.Epon Zen putter $800 $700+shipping. sold In LA, so better in USA 48 states.
  4. 2012 v 202 yamaha tour 9* head

    Trade? Pm sent.
  5. epon ZERO 10.5*--diamana X 60s

    How much for the shaft?
  6. looking for hybrid shaft...

    looking for a hybrid shaft for my RC 17. 0.350 tip. better 75 s or regular...thx!
  7. miura CB 501 4-P

    price update!! big drop.
  8. miura CB 501 4-P

    price drop 800+shipping.
  9. miura CB 501 4-P

    lol, she doesnt care.. when she saw so many clubs there she is not happy. ha ha actually they are totally different feeling..i cant say which one is better, but cb 501 seems more accurate. i don't know if its related with the shaft. yammies are softer feeling. so i wanna keep it.
  10. China

    lol, there are a couple of course there..dragon lake is good, what you mentioned is Qingzhu Lake, which is really hard for new player, but it is not long... you can play Fortune Lake in Yiyang, it is beautiful too. hope you are still going there.
  11. No love for Honma?

    in China, Honma is still popular among the rich...
  12. WTB shaft for RBZ

    closed, thanks~
  13. WTB Wedges

    better 52, 58 sets. let's see what we have. thanks all.