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    A bad day in golf is anytime better than a good day at work!
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    1W - Ryoma V-Spec 9.5 / GD Tour AD BB 6X, Ryoma Maxima Type V 9.5 / GD Tour AD BB 6X3W - Ryoma F3 / GD Tour AD SF 6XUtility 2 - Callaway Legacy BlackIrons 4 to P - Bridgestone Dual Pocket Cavity / NS PRO "S"Wedges - ClevelandPutter - Bettinardi
  1. If a lefty can use, I'll definitely seriously check it out...
  2. Epon Personal 3 by TSG Club Works

    Are we suppose to play or frame up these newly done up irons?!?!?!
  3. The Seven MB is back in stock - White Satin Blades!

    It took me a while to go from MB to CB and now, you just made me wanna go back to MB again...
  4. Why the Ryoma F rules them all!

    Enjoy seeing their new releases all these years. I have 2 drivers, a 3 wood and an utility, absolutely loving them. As always, get the right shaft and it just performs, for me.
  5. SEVEN 2017 VS-R Putter 1st Run

  6. Epon P3's in White Satin + Killed Lead Edge Grind!

    Collector's item!!
  7. SEVEN 2017 VS-R Putter 1st Run

    Will there be any lefty in black?
  8. Black Nickel TW-BM CAST Honma Blades!

    Wasn't a Honma fan till this! Hope to see it in flesh someday...
  9. ITOBORI just bought

    Omg! Lovely!! Good decision... Do let us know more after you played it.
  10. I'm inconsistent with longer irons and if I can customise a set for myself, I would like to have irons 4-7 at 7 iron's length and 8-P to be gradually shorten by 1/2" like current irons.
  11. 2016 Ryoma Maxima Driver Information

    Looking great! I'm really keen. Made in Japan?
  12. Epon AF-205 & Tour Wedge

    How does it compare to Ryoma F3? Care to share your views?
  13. Crazy FW-80 7.7 5wd shaft

    can it be used as a 3 wood?
  14. Fitted my Ryoma Maxima type V 9.5 deg with M9003 6S shaft at 45.5" in length and D3 SW. Had a game today and ball flight came down to what I wanted. My drive distance was abt 260 yards consistently with 1 super drive. Happy and satisfied for now...