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  1. whiteretro

    Taylormade Gloire G Coming November

    Will the royal be a high COR driver? 1 adjustable weight? Foam fill an option? Thanks Retro
  2. I also read about the heavy weight (454gms) wishon uses a while ago Where does one order one from?
  3. I need 6 gm and 8 gm individual weights for j beam and crazy drivers Anyone got ideas on where I purchase them? Are there other companies weights that will fit into j beam and crazy heads? Thanks Retro
  4. whiteretro

    George Spirits Mono 3D Forged

    Thanks for the feedback After reading more on the Kuros, they appear to be one of the top 2 or top 3 JDM players irons for 2015
  5. Looking for feedback on these cavity backs S20? Feel? Forgiveness? Similar to what other JDM cavity back? Thanks for your help
  6. whiteretro

    The new PRGR Egg1 Driver

    Will this be the egg driver for 2015 or do they have a new egg driver for 2015?
  7. whiteretro

    JBeam Yamazaki Pro ZY-11

    Will it be available in different finishes?
  8. whiteretro

    New Miura MB-5005 Blades!

    Looking for player feedback on the 5005's Available in black or copper?
  9. whiteretro

    Jbeam 425 vs Epon Zero

    when hitting the j beam 425 or the epon zero, do you tee the ball high and have a 3-4 positive angle of approach in order to maximize results? also, any experience with hotmelt in either head
  10. whiteretro

    Shaft Flo

    Another TSG member posted that once you have floed shaft - it can be turned 10 degrees counter clockwise if one needs anti fade help Great tip
  11. whiteretro

    Driver head refinishing - Who's the best?

    Thanks for feedback Was thinking of taking my J Beam 425 to matte black with golf ball width pearl/metallic orange alignment stripe running full width of crown I am using orange balls with black irons - the color contrast has helped me greatly Feel free to comment
  12. Have a couple driver heads I want refinished Who's the best in the US? Thanks Retro
  13. whiteretro

    WTB: Epon Zero Head Only

    Looking to buy Epon Zero - Head only
  14. whiteretro

    Geotech Blank JF-10's 1-SW

    are these available with heavier heads? (like Miura irons)
  15. whiteretro

    Rocking a Jbeam Putter!

    Elegantly understated Different headweights available? Cost?