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  1. lykato

    Tyson Lamb

    Spot on. Pump and dump
  2. lykato

    WTB Fourteen RM-22

    Looking for some good conditionRM-22 wedges. 60/10 56/08 50/07
  3. lykato

    7D - Price Increase Coming!

    LOL..paying $1800 on a shaft that you have no idea how it will fit your swing or driver. Guarantee it will not be longer than any premium shafts out there between $250-$500.
  4. That can be said of any JDM irons out there, what ever can be done to a forged irons has already been done. Nothing new except for fancy pictures.
  5. IMO, these are the best irons out there including JDM. It's straight, long, forgiving, and soft. The only set of irons out there with new technology.
  6. lykato

    Epon for sale - Endo leaving golf biz

    Is the SEVEN brand Endo forged? It always states its Limited only 15 sets available. Must be breaking even at 15 sets.
  7. lykato

    2016 PRGR RS Forged Irons

    Rather have a clean look.....Pass
  8. Just because you post things on here doesn't mean that the rules don't apply to you - especially the guys who post on here the most and you know who you are. You guys go on and on and rant on other people's listing but when they comment on your listing, you guys all defend each other and say it doesn't apply to you........blah, blah, blah...... If Chris doesn't say anything, then it must be fine. If you don't have anything good to say then keep your comments to yourself or disregard the listing. Simple as that. Just hate to see all the bullying done by old men in here...lol
  9. I second that. So far PXG is the only one that has come up with something different. All the JDM clubs are copy cats from previous model in one form or another. How many ways can you move the cog, moi, etc... You can only do so much with a forged iron. I don't believe theJDM will give you any additional yards. I would even have to say the probably don't perform as well as any US irons. JDM is more about looks and feel.
  10. lykato

    Vokey forged wedge users

    Looks great!
  11. Looking for 4-PW. Let me know what you have.
  12. lykato

    Seven Prototype 370g Kyuzo 01 Putter - SOLD!

    The picture in the box makes the putter look black and the other pictures make it look much lighter.