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  1. Want to buy yamada putter

    what are you asking for?
  2. Want to buy yamada putter

    i have a ryoma prema driver head that i can trade if you are interested as well...
  3. Want to buy yamada putter

    can you send me pics and the specs?
  4. Want to buy yamada putter

    Looking to buy a yamada putter .... anyone looking to get rid of one ?
  5. close

    i have a mint ryoma d1 premia head and was wondering if you want to trade for your jbeam?
  6. Trade ryoma d1 premia head

    i have a mint ryoma d1 premia head, 9.5 degree weighs 200 grams. Looking to trade with someone who has a lighter ryoma head.
  7. Kit for ryoma d1 premia

    i have a ryoma d1 premia. Looking if anyone has a wrench and weight kit. I tried the kit for the second version ryoma but the wrench does not fit. Please help
  8. Ian i'm interested in the stinger if it plays like SX (between a regular and stiff)? Don't need the head...please contact me back
  9. looking for oban purple in regular or a shaft that plays similiar to it...crazy shaft will do too but no more that 65 gram
  10. how much for diamana x 60 gram? has it been tipped ?
  11. WTB Crazy TJ-46 Noir Shaft

    looking for a regular or regular/stiff
  12. yamada blade copper putter

    looking for a yamada blade copper putter
  13. Romaro Ray Tour Select fairway

    $225 head only include shipping? let me know
  14. Romaro Ray Tour Select fairway

    are you still selling this club? please let me know
  15. are you still selling the ryoma fairway wood?