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  1. Just a quick off the top of my head list; Life of Brian. Planes, Trains and Automobiles. The Money Pit.
  2. Most hybrids are .370, so are can't see this being anything else.
  3. Hi Nob. Regarding the SIM fairways, the Ti with 2* lower loft as a lie angle of 58*, so it should still have a lower lie angle than the Max 18* with a lie angle of 59.5*. Were the playing lengths different? Also, if you need a new 3w, how tempted are you to try the new 300 mini driver in 13.5?
  4. I assume they're in the pro shop.
  5. Ian Frazer of TXG (youtube) had a blacked out Sim2. Looks great. My only problem with the Sim 2 is if people like us want to tinker with their clubs, it's difficult is there's no adjustable weights to add or take away head weight. One of the reason's I game an M5 is so that I can take one of the 10g weights out and play it 47 3/4" with a mid-size grip. SW is around D2.
  6. Going back to your decision, I think the Mongoose has a very 70's vibe going on, but my favourite from your pictures is the Skyway. Not a fan of the Vans. My youngest (7) loves his bike, but my eldest (10) has no interest in riding at all, so he stays on his scooter.
  7. I had a Raleigh Grifter for Christmas 1980. It lasted 6 weeks before it was stolen. I'd left out overnight in our back garden, and my mom told me when she picked me up from school the next. I was in tears....
  8. They were, but like so many others they get moved along for next pretty thing.....
  9. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/mizuno-limited-edition-black-series-custom-grind-wedges/ Had them shafted with Quadra 100i. Loved them.
  10. Great head. Beautiful to look at too. Yamaha were in a grove 2008 - 2013.
  11. Those wedges were awesome too 🙂
  12. I've never had the room or finances that allowed me to keep all this gorgeous gear over the years. Looking back I could shed a tear for the stuff I've let go and think, WHAT AN IDIOT!
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