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  1. I’m looking to finish out a combo set. I would be interested in any 7 series 5 iron or a 502 5 iron. Head only preferred.
  2. Does anybody have one the want to part with?
  3. I am looking epon 303 for 8,9,pw to finish a combo set. Any shafts, or heads only. Looking for ASAP. Thank you.
  4. Looking for some romaro Ray v irons. Heads only is ok. Not the type r. Had these years ago and would like to give them another shot. I loved them. Thanks.
  5. Looking for an epon 703 5 iron. Head only preferred, but anything would be ok. Thanks.
  6. Looking for an epon 703 aw. Head only is preferred. Thanks.
  7. I'm looking to make a combo set. Heads only preferred. 2014 type-e 5 and 6 iron. And a regular vg3 aw. Thanks.
  8. I am looks my for a Titleist vg3 type e 6 iron head. May entertain 5 as well. Thank you.
  9. Looking for a set of romaro ray v forged. Not the type r. Heads only would be fine. Thanks.
  10. I am somewhat new to the site, but recently purchased some irons here, so I figured I would try and move a set of mine. There is some awesome info on here, and can't wait to get more involved with the forum. I have over 90 perfect feedbacks on that other site that ends in wrx, under re_murphy13. So purchase with confidence. All prices are shipped and paypal'd in the cont. US. I understand there are a lot of members here elsewhere, so pm me and we can figure out what a fair price shipped will be. I will listen to all offers, even lowballers. Thanks. 1. Srixon z725 4-pw - These play o
  11. murph13

    Epon EMB

    Im not sure what they go for anymore, but I am looking for an EMB at a decent price. 10.5 would be ideal. But would listen to all. Thanks.
  12. I actually traded it to boomer. Glws.
  13. If this driver came from michigan I owned it and it is an absolute bomber !!!!
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