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  1. murph13

    Epon 703 aw

    Looking for an epon 703 aw. Head only is preferred. Thanks.
  2. I'm looking to make a combo set. Heads only preferred. 2014 type-e 5 and 6 iron. And a regular vg3 aw. Thanks.
  3. I am looks my for a Titleist vg3 type e 6 iron head. May entertain 5 as well. Thank you.
  4. Pm sent. I will take the program wedge shaft.
  5. murph13

    romaro ray v forged

    Looking for a set of romaro ray v forged. Not the type r. Heads only would be fine. Thanks.
  6. I am somewhat new to the site, but recently purchased some irons here, so I figured I would try and move a set of mine. There is some awesome info on here, and can't wait to get more involved with the forum. I have over 90 perfect feedbacks on that other site that ends in wrx, under re_murphy13. So purchase with confidence. All prices are shipped and paypal'd in the cont. US. I understand there are a lot of members here elsewhere, so pm me and we can figure out what a fair price shipped will be. I will listen to all offers, even lowballers. Thanks. 1. Srixon z725 4-pw - These play off of a 38.5" 5 iron. And sw is right around D3. They have matrix program 130 stiffs and golf pride ndmc's in great shape. The 4 iron is currently head only, as I played a mizuno MP fli-hi 4 iron. The fli hi is included, so that you have the matrix 4 iron shaft, which has a white iomic. I bought these used and had the shafts installed by my club builder. Original owner stated they were purchased from tourspec. They have 5 rounds total and 3 range sessions between me and the original owner. The matrix have one season of use on them, and were pulls from a set of Mizuno's. They do have some cosmetic wear from going in an out of the bag. The heads are in great shape and let me know if you need more pics of anything. ( i apologize for the one blurry pic) SOLDshipped. 2. Miyazaki kena blue 8sr (stiff/regular) shaft pulls- These are 4-9 iron and came in the srixon's when i bought them. I did not get the pw shaft from original owner as he had a kbs tour 90 in it to experiment. They have srixon tour velvets on them. 4 iron shaft measures 37 3/8" and 9 iron measure 34 3/4". These would make a nice set of shafts if someone wanted to soft step for 5-pw. $90 shipped.
  7. murph13

    Epon EMB

    Im not sure what they go for anymore, but I am looking for an EMB at a decent price. 10.5 would be ideal. But would listen to all. Thanks.
  8. murph13

    Traded thanks TSG

    I actually traded it to boomer. Glws.
  9. murph13

    Traded thanks TSG

    If this driver came from michigan I owned it and it is an absolute bomber !!!!