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  1. Thank you. Oh how I wish those were heavier Roddio shafts!
  2. Looking for a set of Epon 301 or 302 irons. Heavier steel or graphite shafts or bb&f ferrules would be ideal. please message me with what you have to sell. Thanks
  3. Are there any Epon Copper sets still out there? Message me if you have one that you might be willing to sell. Thanks
  4. Looking for a set of set of irons for mid handicapper that can be delivered/picked up near BGC area in the Philippines. Let me know what you may have....Thanks
  5. Picked these up a while back and never used them on my Epon irons (which have since been sold). Epon red and black knit iron covers. Set is 10 pieces 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, AW, SW and blank. Asking $85 or best offer shipped in the domestic US. Thanks
  6. Looking for an Epon 380 driver head. Need a back up. Please pm me if you have one with condition details and price. Thanks
  7. SOLD thanks for all the interest
  8. $450? I guess once decide to sell no looking back...
  9. I guess wrong time of year to sell. Anyone have some Fourteen FH1000 they want to trade? I’d like to work on ball striking with a set of blades and I’ve loved the fh1000 when I had a set back in the day...
  10. Any interest at $500 obo for 10 club set? Open to reasonable offers
  11. Haha nice catch..thanks for pointing that out
  12. I guess bad timing to list in our winter months. Price drop to $600 or best offer.
  13. Thought I would have these irons with me forever (hence the clear grips with Philippines sticker in 5-pw), but pending move requires me to downsize. Onoff 2011 Forged with Roddio i10 SX flex. Feels like US stiff flex to me, but I know that's subjective. Won these on yahoo Japan, and details note that these are factory installed roddio shafts. Sticker still across shaft to indicating flex as SX. Shaft details notes 2.3 torque and 107 grams. 5 iron measures at 38.25 inches from butt of grip to where sole first meets ground. Snapped a few quick pics to post, but pm if seriously interested
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