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  1. Swung once never touched a ball, $350 or trade for LH blade putters (Scotty, rare pings, yamada)
  2. Yes $350 vs $800 seems like I’d want more than 5-10 yards for the difference
  3. so its a 50g shaft? I see they also have a 50S in Japan, I think I could manage with a 6s but interesting to see
  4. Thanks JM , might have to cave and get a fitting , always prefer to tinker without paying someone else but perhaps you’re right. Have you ever tried the Beyond Power Plus that was an option with the Ryoma maxima? Infinity flex, wonder how it would compare.
  5. so my current clubhead speed with a driver is around 105 though I've just ordered up some swingspeed sticks, hoping to get to 115 soon, what flex velocore shaft would be appropriate for now vs then? thanks guys~
  6. Appreciate both of your replies guys, am really interested to learn as much about the gear as possible, both very helpful!
  7. As a Lefty I have very few options in the cool clubs, haven't seen those models in Lefty so assume probably not made? I'll check though! Thanks for the recommendation!
  8. thanks Nob, appreciate it , yes noticed they weren't stamped forged like the 601.
  9. anyone know which of these they made in Lefty?
  10. how'd you lose your fascination with JDM clubs? did you revert to US OEMs? sorry just curious why as it seems everything is superior in the JDM world. also love the putters and wish you were a lefty
  11. Are these forged by Miura? They aren't marked forged on them, as the Data 601 are. Thanks
  12. Any take offs kicking around? thanks guys
  13. May have a set avail in RH, have shafts on them though, whats your offer?
  14. I may have a RH set avail, they have shafts on them though , whats your offer?
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