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  1. Mate I play Nippon 950s now. Is great. Callaway Chrome Soft soccer balls👍
  2. Hi Eddie, V-spec is the lower spin version for higher speeds, hence 10.5*. Tons of reviews on this site. Are you in Australia? Let me know and can do a shipped price.
  3. Yep got one. Want it (or a swap)?
  4. Hi there Eddie, Still sitting there and happy to sell. Can't recall what price I put on this? It is a very clean head for the age. Are you interested? Cheers Darren
  5. Played SF-9x in an 18* RC utility for ages. Super feel and did a great job of keeping spin down
  6. Yamaha black are best all-round wedges ever made imho. Made at a time ~2008 where everything they made was perfect. I have tried just about everything and I just wish they (or someone?) would make these again. They rust. They are soft, but they are also very durable. Have no idea how they did that. *****Q? What's the closest thing on the market to these today?******
  7. Yes still open Hutchy. No comps, groups of 2 and all really spaced out and uber-careful. Just very happy for the walk these days!!
  8. Jbeam 425 tour is as good as it gets if you are really swinging well. What a pretty and workable driver. Yamaha V 4.6 rpm still holds its own against anything and wins on feel over all else for me. Playing G400/Crazy boron sx now and finding plenty of fairways, but the above 2 would be just fine for me honestly!
  9. Good topic. I am 50 this year. Was playing PRGR M43 irons for last few years and going fine, but was always a bit balloony in the wind. This year shifted to Project X LZ 6.5 (125g) 4-pw and scores have been noticeably better. The shaft is heavier but loads and kicks. Bit less spin. Certainly doesn't feel like a 6.5 flex. Now this has made me go "all heavier" - 70g driver, 76g 2w (Baldo Brassy), 105g 19* hybrid, 125g wedges (ATTAS 125 Spin) Maybe this will do me until 60!!!!
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