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  1. Anyone have experience with these? I've seen a lot of folks raving about these, but I don't know if the raves are just because Stenson's using them or if they are actually very good - even when compared with the modern players' irons we have today.
  2. Willing to do 175 gifted, shipped the the US, apparently just found out shipping clubs halfway round the world aint cheap haha
  3. Hi Elym, Shipping is around 30$ I think... I can do 165 dollars net, how does that sound?
  4. Hey folks up for sale is a great condition S-Yard T. 388 Driver (9.5 deg) with the original factory shaft (Graphite Design Tour AD for S-Yard Stiff). Original headcover in great condition. The only non original part is a new Honma grip, but no biggie I guess. There are no dings or cracks, just a small scuff on the sole which was caused by brushing often with the range mat since I normally tee this up really low (see pics). Looking for a quick sale, the club is not getting a lot of bag time. Will do 150 USD or send me your offers! I'm in Bangkok and we can split international shipping
  5. Just saw the Mizuno 'Pro' Line on TSG. Looks almost identical to the MP-18 sold retail? Any difference between the two. Honestly I think both look great.
  6. You should try to sell these on the ขายไม้กอล์ฟ community on facebook
  7. hi, sorry, i thought i took these off the market already. No longer for sale, thanks!
  8. Putting up for sale a very lightly used set of Grindworks Dual Pocket (DP1) 5-AW. I would give these 95%, with most usage in the shorter irons. No bag chatter, always used headcovers. These are shafted with brand new KBS Tour 90 Stiff, found these to be very good and gives the DP1 a nice powerful flight. Grips are new too, GP CP2 Pros. If you are looking to one up your friends on par 3s, these are the clubs for you. Standard L/L/L. Realized I didnt need this type of iron over a couple of rounds.. didnt seem to fit my game. Willing to split, but prefer to sale as completely assemble
  9. Hey all, just wanted to share a short review of the Grindworks Dual Pocket. I've been pretty much a blade/muscleback cb player all my life, but was wanting to try something new. The 'largest' irons I own are the PRGR RS Forged. I got fitted to the KBS Tour 90s In hand, the DP is not as large as you might expect, considering its target. But the lofts are ultra strong at 7i 30°. So I've been out to the range with it and also on-course, and I must say the feeling is definitely so-so at best, but honestly better feeling than its counterparts from USDM, ie, TM M1/M2 irons. Head length is
  10. i think i know the shop (in thailand) that you are referring to.. they say they are a distributor of seven or something like that. on another note, Chris, for the MCB's, would bending them strong a degree or two wear out the finish??
  11. those are sick looking PRGRs, I've only seen one set on sale, EVER. This is the second set :) Still play the RS Forged, I'm sure the Tunes would be butter. GLWS!
  12. those ATTAS shafts are swell man. One of the best graphite iron shafts I've tried
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