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  1. I have hit the bullet, it feel great and it's the best distance drivers which i have so far. (ZY-7, BM-435, TPRX, Kamui Works, Crazy CRZ, Grandista RS)
  2. Hi Guys, I will go to Tokyo on 21/2 - 23/2 stay there for two night and I would like to get more information on boutique brand as well. Need all the help can get Thank All.
  3. Yes going to Tokyo, please advice. Thank for the Help
  4. Hi Guys, I will be in Japan for holiday, any suggestion to which shop to drop by and have a look??? Appreciate for the suggestion Help. Thank you.
  5. Hi there, which iron it's more popular in Japan Yamaha Prgr or Maruman?
  6. lucky we have Founder & Owner of TourSpecGolf / GolfToImpress. Thank Chirs and everyone at GOLF TO IMPRESS
  7. 收藏宝贝 分享 【Wan Studio】玩工坊 MTG itobori 一刀雕 全刀背 蓝字 铁杆组 举报 价格 ¥99999.00 0累计评论 0交易成功 配送 广东深圳 至 广东广州 快递 免运费 5天内发货 数量 ƛƚ件(库存99999件) 立即购买 ŭ加入购物车 承诺 7天无理由 支付 集分宝
  8. it's GREAT, I even bought 1 more secondhad from Japan with different shaft's.
  9. Thanks all for the feedback, the iron look great.
  10. Happy New Year's everybody, Has anyone try the Itobori Combo Irons, anys feedback Pls.
  11. The distance for me is 7 160/165, P 130/135
  12. Hi there, I got it from Chis 6 month ago, the looks is Great. For the sad parts i only use it 3 times because i was too busy, when i use it i can feel the difference right a way the touch the feel is GREAT. Mostly i shoot around 106 it improve me to 98, 94, 92, its made me feel i will crack the high 80's. Sorry for the english. Good luck
  13. WOW it's just loooook great, how much for it?
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