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  1. Nippon Super Peening Red

    3-PW or 4-PW
  2. Tyson Lamb

    Nobody is arguing !!! The question was asked about Tyson Lamb putters and you took it a different direction. You did the same thing with Epon. When this site was selling their product it was the best on earth, now that you don't Epon is s**t. You'll end doing the same thing with the Benock Putter line once you run the course with them. I understand that you want to argue and I understand you have to keep telling people how great Benock is and Im sure theyre a pretty good putter manufacture. And we all understand that Benock is the flavor of the hour. You did the same thing with SEVEN. Written by YOU "These are 1 piece forged heads with traditional lofts while the 703 and PXG XF are multi piece with strong lofts. The 703 and PXG will be longer and more forgiving club vs club than the Seven CB and MCB. That said the Maruman NX Shuttle Iron, PRGR Super Egg, Yamaha UD+ will crush any Epon or PXG if your looking for forgiveness and distance. The Sevens were produced with a few goals in mind: - They must be made in Japan - They must be higher quality than any other brand - They must have very low offset - The shape must rival brands like Titleist, Bridgestone, Dunlop - The CGs must be progressive with optimal locations chosen by cad and tested by human - It must be a 1 piece forged head for feel This is higher quality than Endo and I can say that with confidence. But the iron you choose will depend on what your preferences are. If your preferences match the iron you choose then you will be happiest. So maybe its Seven, maybe its PXG or Epon its about what you want. I come on here trying to get a Un-bias review from other members and you always chime in with a motive.
  3. Tyson Lamb

    Congrats on the marketing dollars Benock pays this site “thumbs up”
  4. Tyson Lamb

    I have one. Great custom Putters . He really knows what he’s doing. I’m sure some big manufacture will pick him up down the road for production Putters the guy from table rock Putters is pushing them and he’s doing the same marketing as Scotty Cameron tour Putters that he did. “Limited” and high price
  5. Mizuno MMC Combo Irons 4-PW 4/5/6 Mizuno MMC Fli Hi 7-PW MMC Nippon Modus 120s 38” Five Iron All lofts blend together GolfPride MCC +4 $1050.00 Willing to trade for Epon , Miura , A Grind Irons or High End Putters Thanks,
  6. Only 9 Holes on these Too much shaft for me Callaway Epic Pro Irons 4 Callaway Apex UT Recoil Shaft 5-PW Callaway Epic Pro Irons Nippon Modus 120x Trade for Irons in S Flex or High End Putters $1250 Shipped Anywhere
  7. Epon SUS 316 Limited Edition 4-PW AeroTech SteelFiber i95 Stiff 38" Five Iron Standard Loft and Lie Black Evolution IOMIC Grips Heads have One Round on them and still in perfect condition. New to Mint. $1550 Shipped and Insured Might be interested in a different set of irons or high end putters
  8. These are back on the market In the same condition, as they were collecting dust Iron trade offers High end Putter Trade offers
  9. MB

  10. Epon SUS 316

    Epon Sus 316 Special Edition 4-PW Special Edition Onyx S400 AMT 37.75" Five Iron (Mizuno Standard) MCC Grips Couldn't handle these shafts and this build is perfect to separate Couple Irons hit at the range. Looks and smells new ;) $1500.00 Might be interested in a trade Epon 302 MINT condition Other JDM or PXG Irons Or cool putter (S) Could add cash
  11. Epon SUS 316

  12. Epon SUS 316

    Price drop $1400
  13. CBs are mine !!!!!! Can't wait to stack them up against the Miura PXG and Epons
  14. Titliest C16 Irons 4-PW+AW

    Titleist C16 Limited Edition 4-PW+GW golfPride Grips nippon 880 Stiff Shafts 38.25" Five Iron Great Shape $2750 looking to trade for PXG or something shiny or 009 More pics upon trade offers
  15. Titliest C16 Irons 4-PW+AW

    SOLD !!!
  16. Epon Limited Edition Personal 3 Fujikura MCI Black 80s 38.25" Fove Iron standard Lie and Loft Epon IOMIC Grips only one round on them Irons/Putter Trades
  17. Epon Limited Edition Personal 3

    They're sold !! forgot how to close ad
  18. Miura Tournament Blades 3-PW KBS Tour Stiff 38.25" Five Iron looking for Cavity Back Trade $1000 Shipped
  19. Epon Staff Dog Bag

    Good Shape Mainly used to store extra clubs $450 oBo
  20. Epon Staff Dog Bag

    I have more pics Having a little trouble posting them
  21. Miura CB 57 5-PW Accra 90i Stiff Irons Tour Velvet Ribbed Grips .600 38.25" Five Iron Miura HB 4 23* Fujikura MCH 80i Stiff Shaft High Launch 4 Iron $1250.00 Shipped Looking for another JDM set. Maybe CB57 with Steel Shafts in similar condition
  22. Purshaed these not to long ago and its official that Blades are not for me. $1275.00 Shipped Buchi VS200 4-PW Masda Slick Fit Round Grips Roddio I-10 Shafts Mint/ New Condition mainly iron sets Epon / Miura And Putters I will ship anywhere !! Thanks, MB