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  1. Would like to know who has tried the Newer Ryoma Maxima II driver. I had and sold my older 2016 model wish I kept it but these new ones look so sweet. Seems like this has so much more technology going for it like the Power Spring Body, Anti Roll Power Booster, Auto turn weight, Speed Cup face and so much more. Has Ryoma fallen off the map with so many other Boutique drivers out there as I'm curious as to what people who has one or has hit one what's your thoughts. I'm in the process of ordering one as I want a gamer as my back-up driver will end up being my Callaway B21 if this plays better th
  2. My F2 just arrived today, if this plays as good as it looks I will have a great season. When I did find a 3W with driver like distance I lost some forgiveness. has been a long time since I could find a 3W that could give me that kind of both distance and forgiveness. With the new design Ryoma has once again came up with a winner. Now the big question is do I want to fork out the cash for their Driver.
  3. No more PRGR as they were about the best 3 wood for me for my last 3-4- years. Now I did try the F3 15* Ryoma 3 wood a few years back but I felt the trajectory was a bit too high. It's so hard to find the Ryoma F2's but I landed a new 2016 model and it should be here in 2 weeks. I plan on this being my gamer for all of 2017 as I know that they perform well and are very forgiving. I would like to hear what others that have hit them or own one thinks of them. I'm going with the stock shaft as I hear that this is a very good stock offering.
  4. Well long story short and a another season under my belt I let the Spoon go for a price I could say no too. Tried the Exoctics EX9 just a nice and long but about the same in the forgiveness area. I found a deal on the Ryoma F2 13* as this will now be my new gamer for 2017. Should be here in 2-3 weeks.
  5. When will these be in stock to order? I'm drooling for one now. So with my swing speed right around 100 and less a non comforting head should work just fine for me, is this right? What kind of shaft comes stock with this head?
  6. I finally got to use it on the course as it's funny how little you sometimes use a certain club. What I should have done was just Tee off with it on every hole except for the par 3's. Right now I'm getting better results with my driver than I have ever with any other but my 2 shots with this wonderful addition I just acquired I'm impressed. On a short par 4 295 yds I was about 5 yds short and on a 366 yd. par 4 I was left with maybe 70 yds for my 2nd shot. Ball flight seemed mid and laser straight. The ball really jumps off the face. So glad I came back to the EGG Spoon
  7. Well mine arrived today as I waiting to be called out to work ao I was only able to go to the driving range. I never hit off the Tee just off the mats. I hit about 20+ ball with both the NEW EGG and my S-Yard XV 3 wood. I started off hitting the XV and I actually didn't think I would do as well with the EGG but I'm impressed. I can't give you accurate numbers but really both were pretty impressive with the EGG the ball seemed to jump off the face faster which gave me the feeling that distance barely went to the EGG. Now after I got warmed up it was cleared that I was hitting it farther
  8. I'm looking forward in seeing if this new Egg can out perform my S-Yard XV 3 Wood. I did have the 3rd generation and I probably hit some of the longest drives off a Tee than I have with any other 3 wood. I would occasionally top the ball from the fairway which make is less consistent than my S-Yard that I now have. So soon I shall find out. I do like the looks of this new model over all the other previous ones.
  9. This is the driver responsible of kicking out my Ryoma D-1 Type V of the bag. The Glorious driver does so many things right, not the longest but it's long, More forgiving than the other JBeams, at least for me. It feels great, nice sound and I really like the size and shape of the head. The stock shaft is no slouch as it's close to a perfect match as any stock shaft and head combo I've ever hit. It's a keeper for me as it does a great job in helping me find the fairway.
  10. What I also liked about the JBeam Glorious driver is that the stock shaft is no slouch. It's performs as well as some of the Crazy shafts I've owned
  11. It's was the Glorious JBeam for me. Not the longest but accuracy and distance was what I was after as this has both. Nice feel and sound as you can tell when you crushed it. Was surprised that this knocked out my Ryoma out of the bag
  12. With the S-Yard company being out of business I couldn't resist as I picked up an S-Yard XT fairway 7W 21*. I already own the XV 3W and the XV5W as I think they are better than any other 3W or 5W that I've ever hit or owned. I'm hoping someone can share with me what there experiences have been with the XT line from S-Yard especially the 21* 7W
  13. What no one has tested these out yet? Give me the details all of them.....Looking Good
  14. I just took my Glorious driver out and have played the same number of rounds as my 535. Both are keepers but I do find myself more in the fairway than I do the 535. I feel that if I had to let one go it would be the 535. I can't believe I haven't tried JBeam out before, distance is about the same as the only difference is the Glorious is easier to hit. Seems like everything stays in play as I'm sure if I do decide to keep it the 535 will be rotated back and forth in my bag come this summer.
  15. I just took mine out today for the 1st time for 9 holes and did very well with it, considering I played in some strong winds The wind was either directly in my face or a cross wind which made it difficult to hit the shots I was wanting too. It was in the 60's so I wasn't expected it to perform as well as it did. I managed to hit 5/7 fairways as 2 did get away from me due to a bad swing and the wind. I did hit 3 out of those 5 that got my attention especially on the last hole which is a par 5 as I had a good 230 over the water as I had no problem. When you nail it you know it. Sound was a bit o
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