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  1. MahanFan

    2 Modus 115 Wedge Shafts

    As the title says. I'm looking for 2 Modus 115 Wedge Shafts. Please let me know pricing if you're looking to sell. Thanks
  2. Didn't sell. Received offers but it was too late. Maybe next time :)
  3. I love these clubs but shouldn't play Epon because of some business conflicts. Long story...but these clubs will be for sale for the next 12 hours or so. Epon AF-503 irons. This is a set that was custom-made with all the best components available. Project X LZ 5.5 Soft-Stepped once for added height and spin. The set includes 9 clubs (4-SW) and starts with Epon 901 22 degrees as 4 iron replacement for added height and forgiveness. Epon 503 5 through Gap Wedge. 213STX Sand Wedge with Project X LZ 6.5 Tiger-Stepped - this makes the flight slightly lower with added spin for those delicate shots around the green. Most clubs are in good shape with some of them been used but a few times - except for the 7 iron and 9 iron which I used for some practice time and have wear spots as you can see in the pictures. These clubs definitely look better in person. They were my gamers for 6 months or thereabouts. Lamkin grips undersized pair better with PX LZ because of the thicker butt. This set costs over $4,000 to build but you can have it here for a fraction of the price. $999 or best offer. All offers welcome. Free shipping anywhere!
  4. MahanFan

    PXG Stand Bag

    Just bought a set of PXGs. I'd like to get a PXG Stand bag as well. Thanks!
  5. MahanFan

    Looking for PXG 0311 or 0311XF 4-P

    Huh? I think you got it backwards, bud. If you respond to a "want to buy" listing, you come with your requested price. In any event, not interested in 0311T. Thanks for dropping by though.
  6. MahanFan

    Looking for PXG 0311 or 0311XF 4-P

    Ha! I'd be ok with donating a kidney. Not so sure about a lung :)
  7. Looking for a set of PXG 0311 4-P (it could be 4 - Sand Wedge including Gap wedge) or a combo set with 0311XF. Would prefer heads only, but anything goes. Not concerned with condition but don't want to spend an arm and a leg. Please let me know what you have. Thanks!
  8. MahanFan

    Titleist T-MB 5-P Project X LZ 5.0

    Thanks, Steve. Perhaps I need to clarify. I'm actually looking for a new or immaculate set with the specs I listed above. I'm working in China and my wife is back home in the US for the next couple of days. I'll be giving these irons to a friend. I'm not looking for a bargain. If anyone has a Titleist account and can provide a quick turnaround - wife is coming back Sept 3 evening - we have a deal. Thanks again, Cris
  9. Hi, Looking for a new/mint set of T-MB 5-P with Project X LZ 5.0. I'll be giving these as a present to a friend/client. Please let me know if you can help me locate these. Thanks for looking, Cris
  10. MahanFan

    New TRPX Prototype Driver Spotted

    Not sure about the JPGA, but it'd be very rare for the R&A to test COR pre-tournament to assure conformance. If it happens, they'd usually random sample some of the tour van heads to make sure the vans' CT tests are accurate. The R&A knows that after Drivers are put in play, CT/COR migrates - increasing a bit as face becomes more flexible and then declines as face becomes too flexible. That's why most tour heads' CT falls somewhere between 240 - 248, just below the 257 max.
  11. MahanFan

    Epon 703 or 503 4 Iron

    Thanks for the heads up! Funny enough, I've started to look into the 901 :)