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  1. Sana matuto. https://t.co/Jxjige64NM

  2. Pag kinamay ang crepe -- ibig sabihin. Masarap! Gujab @missyacop https://t.co/X0CyN1qmYB

  3. Behind the back in Divisoria traffic yun ah. https://t.co/dXby2NAKN7

  4. Bespoke Turntable rack with sorbothane bases #AudioPhile #ReclaimedHardwood #SibolFurniture Photo courtesy of :… https://t.co/zTMyej1qzR

  5. Turning back the clock [email protected] Awesome 1stH.

  6. RT @jeronteng: Wow 3-0 against the Ateneo! Congrats Lady Spikers! 🏐 Goodluck in the semis! Animo! 👍🏼

  7. RT @NBA: The 2018 #NBAPlayoffs First Round Schedule by series! https://t.co/F37SRKQOLz

  8. O.....haaaaa! https://t.co/GGGOF9To2d

  9. Sana tuluy tuloy na ito. Para sa ika uunlad ng bayan. https://t.co/D47B66iOBh

  10. Yun ang banda! https://t.co/qplCiimZDS

  11. Hay sawakas! Wala nang LaBoracay. Kung di natin kaya magtapon ng basura sa tamang lugar.... #AlamKoMaramiKawawa #ForTheGreaterGood

  12. @dondeedaga Alam na cguro ni Josh yan... nak ng PUA

  13. @dondeedaga Meron! Pero espesyal lang. Para sa may mga may balak lang. Sabihin mo sakin pag kelangan mo. Padala ko kay Annie.:)

  14. Sibling Love. Sana pag tanda niyo...ganyan parin kyo. https://t.co/QFT6IksYd0

  15. Good time to teach kids small failures -- travel.