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  1. Sarap liha-in ng fez...whew.

  2. @jirgasm succulents at #coffeeheritagehouse https://t.co/fzZvHJ0Uvw

  3. #paraMore ni Nessie. https://t.co/fzgXnHSN97

  4. Direct trade. Small holder farms. Go! https://t.co/eTavNP0D67

  5. Boom! https://t.co/UuEhX26rzu

  6. Four by force naman! @jirgasm https://t.co/xqCyx1ADCl

  7. This guy rocks. Lupet nito. #MechaUma https://t.co/WrosC6dSE0

  8. @dondeedaga Comic Relief yan. Written with No Sleep while pooping. The best ideas come when one's body is stretched… https://t.co/vvlUS3GwSC

  9. Warm up to 2018. Started it right. Planting trees. Harvesting lime. Food with friends. Cleaned the ofc and home. Ready for you.

  10. @jirgasm Happy new year parekoy!

  11. Start 2018 right. Bilan kita @Tonio_bataeno https://t.co/aDf11XI1j4

  12. 2018. Puro “diet na ako posts” pakyu lahat! #SalamatPaskoPataposNa

  13. Heirloom #PhilippineCoffee at one of best audio places in the country @ListeningInStyle Shang Mall https://t.co/d1kb3XBvPk

  14. Puhleez. Para wala nang duopoly. Sana buhay pa ako pag bumilis na ang Internet natin. https://t.co/hKrRDkpbvA

  15. Woot woot. https://t.co/vupEHDvjNZ