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  1. Let me know which model and how much. Thx!!
  2. Looking for head only on the driver 8.5, 9 or 9.5. Head only as well for the Tataki 60. Thx
  3. I have a 56 and 60 at the office. I can send you pics tomorrow. Not the black finish but in great shape.
  4. No but maybe he should be given the benefit of the doubt. One thing to delete threads (a different convo altogether) but to suspend him seems a little drastic.
  5. New or used. Must fit in ZY11
  6. Thanks to Spoon and his high pressure sales tactics, I'm now in the same boat. I have a set of Modus 120s in the garage but because of my elbow I need a graphite set. Love my Roddio but don't want to pull. Also, the Roddio are a tad soft but I don't really want to go to X. Any suggestions?
  7. Nice. Not $400 per head, nice. But nice.
  8. If you hit it well I wouldn't change for the sake of change. It's more about finding the flex profile to fit your swing than the latest tech, IMO.
  9. Beauty is in the eye I s'pose because I think those things are hideous.
  10. If you cannot find wedge shafts, I use 8 iron shafts of Roddio i10 in my wedges
  11. Bought the TPRX and went back to Crazy. The TRPX just wasnt as tight for me in the same flex. Want to try the Basileus but hit the Crazy so well, no need to change except for change's sake.
  12. I have never liked the GD shafts in any club and I'm done with it in my UT - they have never fit my swing. However, eyeballing it, it looks like a 0.370. Can't find confirmation on that. However, I was thinking of putting a Crazy FW into it, but there is no way I want to shim it. Anyone have any good suggestions on a replacement with a 0.370?
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