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  1. :) PS: Going to go see grandsons next weekend. Gonna take the older one (4 yrs old) to the putting green, buy him his first club(s). Should be fun!!
  2. Hey I have a nice set of baby blades i'll trade with you... Just kidding. Can't believe these haven't sold yet!
  3. I'm in Manhattan Beach, neighbor. Alas, I am not in the club market right now!
  4. This has always seemed to me to best the best process in the whole exotic putter world.
  5. Nob did you go to Japan or do this virtually? Nevermind. It's in your post.
  6. Good seller here - I've done biz with him before and good guy.
  7. Truly! It's very different to try to just stay with one set! This was my first real trial and I am glad someone else bought them because ...
  8. Whew. Thanks to the lucky guy who spared me any more ongoing anguish!
  9. It is truly taking all my self discipline not to by these...but I am not. Repeat this 5 times. Don't buy the pretty irons, don't buy the... In fact, I'd be grateful if you'd just take them off the market. I fear resistance to them is razor thin....
  10. Lordy Lordy Lordy that's a tempting review. Even the cat looks intrigued.
  11. Hi

    if the epon 503 4-iron is still available, I would like to purchase it head only. Is $90 acceptable for head and shipping? If acceptable, please reply with your paypal info. I have a San Francisco shipping address. Thank you 


  12. Interesting aside.. I posted an ad on golfwrx,too. I didn't think many there would know about Seven or Shinagawa. Wrong! This item has gotten more inquires than all the rest combined. Now it still hasn't sold but the brand of this little company (with the luxury of tsg as an anchor site) is much stronger than I would have ever imagined.
  13. I HATE selling them. But I got seduced by Muria small blades and I am going to cut off all alternatives. Maybe no one will buy them!!
  14. All sold. Yahoo! Thx tsg
  15. I'm now 2 months into Rob's program. Not sure what the whole cause is - perhaps a combination of things - but I am definitely hitting the ball better - longer and more consistently. I am stronger, have better balance and more range of motion as a result of the program. It takes time to do the workout - dynamic stretches, speed swinging, and strength. But the results are clear to me. I am eager to see what 6 months or 1 year later is like! PS: Shot a career round this week. 75 (+3). It was all ball striking.