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  1. madboarder

    Serial numbers on Epons?

    Do all Epons have serial numbers on them? I've got a set of P1's do they have a serial number on the 7 iron? Your help is appreciated.
  2. madboarder

    softstepping.. dont be afraid....!

    I like P2 I want ! Me hardcore hsx1 125 x. Will keep a eye for the sale soon D22
  3. madboarder

    RomaRo Ray 435LX - similar driver

    Welcome Rich, You have ho-gressed well and I am sure that you can find lots of shinny in here! Even better lots of good guys and many very experienced JDM Ho's. Have fun.
  4. Been thinking about heading to either or both the Philippines or HK Mid -Am's next year for a round and walk. Anyone played these or other events in Asia? Or has any better ideas? Cheers
  5. madboarder

    gold's putters and circle t

    GF yourself! Massive overs on the SC gear imo.
  6. madboarder

    name your gamer driver heads .

    Got a crazy 450 9o With a FireExpres proto SX in it this week. Was going to shaft it up with old mate cb80 8.2 but the as is set up is working! The proto SX is @280 FM sort of stiff enough. Cheers Hutchy!
  7. Recently hit all three. The Crazy mb is as close to golf porn as Ive seen. Sleek with curves in all the right places. The mirua and titty are just the same as any of their last models. Go golf porn and check the crazy grear !
  8. madboarder

    Berttinardi Putter Signature 6 vs 9

    They look the part! That 6 has got my attention!
  9. madboarder

    Older forged CB irons

    As supo said remove ebay! Plenty of great sticks here you cant go wrong some great clubs came out in 2010 -2012 imo. Shafts are cheap so try them all. Save the coin for a great driver and then some for a shaft.... JDM wedges are good value. No better feeling in golf than hitting a good club.
  10. madboarder

    Help me on shaft selection please!

    Thanks Ian, the crazy I hit is a cb50 black 50 8.2. I have just found some info saying that that crazy changed the 50 to cb 50 or 80 to cb80. makes it tough trying to work out shafts but I think it may worth the struggles. I am looking at a Nero cb 50 w 7.7 I know its a little softer but that seems good atm. Thanks for any info.
  11. Hi Im looking for a new shaft for the big dog. Im using a Diamana aphina 70x 269cpm at 45.5 atm. Its ok but after hitting a crazy cb 8.2 better the need is there. Had a Diamana X 70s not that amazing. What is the difference between a Crazy 50 7.7 and the cb 50 7.7? Look forward to any suggestions
  12. madboarder

    Yamaha RMX driver

    Fresh always tastes better when you smack one! Yes and yes happy golfing
  13. madboarder

    My 1st Gold's...but definitely not the last!!

    Cant say how much I have enjoyed reading how much love you have for your flat stick. Great job NMG!
  14. madboarder

    Putter Selection... Does It Matter?

    How good is that RAM bag and "Hey Wang Don't tell them your jewish".