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    Ryoma D1 V type Ryoma D1 F3 Royma Ut 21 degree Yamaha Ut 23 degree Epon 503 5-AW

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  1. Not going to sell for head only, sorry. too much hassle for me.
  2. Yururi Raw Gekku Wedge 45 and 53 degree, with K's-Wedge HW120 S shaft and Yururi grips, bought from TSG , never see the golf course, just hit a few shot each in the range, like brand new, No trade please, shipping to North America, $180 shipped for both .
  3. withdraw

    I will not sell the 5 iron only, sorry
  4. withdraw

  5. Withdraw

    Mint set of Epon AF703 5-P, A ,Total 7 clubs , shaft with Ozik Matrix Program 130 , R-Flex. Condition easy 9/10. Always with head cover, no nick,ding. No trade, , see pictures for condition, will not be disappointed, Ship from Toronto Canada. Shipping included , USD1100 with shaft, USD900 Head only, Paypal gifted. Great price, great clubs. Standard L/L, 37.75 for 5 Iron.
  6. SOLD

    Yamada Still available ?
  7. Sold, Thanks

    Epon AF-503 5-PW, AW. Standard Loft/Lie, 5 iron play 38", No scratches and dings, easy 9 out of 10 in condition, NSPro 950GH HT , Regular Flex. $old , heading to France Epon AF-903 U23 Utility club, TRPX shaft, $old , TKS Not interested in Trade for now. Thanks for watching.
  8. Want to Buy Epon AF-703 Irons

    I tried it from Arthur and love it, I didn't bought it from him.
  9. Want to Buy Epon AF-703 Irons

    Bought something else
  10. Not that I don't like these, actually it played longer than I thought, Just that I found the right shaft for my older sets and will stick to it for at least this season.
  11. 2014 Titleist VG3 5-P , Graphite, Bought new from TSG last month, played 3 games, club in excellent condition. No trade please. Ship to North America , pp net to me $SOLDshipping included.
  12. Sold , Thanks

    Sold . Sold.Ryoma Utility Wood 21 & 24 degree, SR flex, protection tape on since day one, well maintain in very good condition, Sold.
  13. Sold, Thanks

    *SOLD*This is a very nice set of Epon AF503 , 5-PW AW, NSPro 950 Regular flex, Iomic grip, 7 iron 36.75", loft 32, lie angle 61.5. Played around 10 games in excellent shape. SOLD.

    F5- What is shipping cost to Canada Toronto M6N1K8 ?