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  1. Preferably either V or D spec and in good condition.
  2. rdt

    All sold - thx tsg!

    PM sent
  3. Hi

    if the epon 503 4-iron is still available, I would like to purchase it head only. Is $90 acceptable for head and shipping? If acceptable, please reply with your paypal info. I have a San Francisco shipping address. Thank you 


  4. TK3

    Hi RDT,


    Would you consider a trade?

    I have a mint JBEAM 435 Blackout 10* driver head with original headcover.   Traded some OnOff irons for it from a fellow TSGer.

    Beautiful club - but it just doesn't suit me.  Has great reviews - even considered one of the longest JDM drivers out there.  Here a review:


    This would work out well since we both want to keep our shafts.  Let me know Bro - maybe we can make this happen.  If not - no worries - GLWS.



  5. Just realized my posted pics didn't contain the required note showing seller's name and date. Am posting additional pics to comply with the rules. Thanks
  6. For sale is a Ryoma Maxima Special Tuning (hi-COR, non-conforming) type-V with 10.5 deg loft. The pictures below will show that it's in excellent condition as this was just a 2nd set and rarely used. Comes with the Beyond Power infinity flex shaft and head cover. Asking xxx plus shipping for the whole driver. Also willing to listen to offers just for the head as I wouldn't mind keeping the shaft.
  7. rdt

    Hi COR driver

    Hi If you are still looking, I have a Ryoma maxima ST 10.5 in V-spec with the Beyond Power infinity flex. I can sell both head and shaft; or, head only. PM me and I can send you pics and info. Thank you
  8. rdt

    EPON 503 AW

    Hi Spoon i'll get the 503 AW. I will pm you. Thanks
  9. rdt


    Hi if you are referring to the Ryoma maxima V-spec in 10.5, I have an extra one that's Special Tuning and currently shafted with the Beyond Power infinity flex shaft. I can do either head-only or both. PM me if that's what you are looking for. Thanks
  10. rdt


    i have a 316 in very good condition. See pics below. I have 2 sets of these and willing to trade the 2nd set which is head only in 4-PW.  What's the condition of your friend's set? Thanks










  11. rdt

    Epon 302, VG3, Kuro

    Have a set of epon 316 heads only 4-PW. I can send u pics and price if interested. Thanks
  12. Kenepon says he has 3 total transactions (sales?) in this forum. The other 2 have posted their comments. I guess, I must be the 3rd one! my experience with kenepon has been a pleasant one. I also bought a driver head from kenepon last month. Before I sent my payment to him, I was told that he was away on a business trip for a few days but he promised to mail it to me via overnight shipment upon his return. He indeed kept his word and the driver he sent to me was as described. The pictures he posted were likewise accurate. I would have no hesitation completing a transaction with him again.
  13. rdt

    Ryoma P3 putter

    Pending payment. Thanks