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  1. Benock uses Shimada for their putters? Anyone tried the BST Stability putter shaft and may I know how you experts would rank them?
  2. What would you say are appropriate 6 iron/driver club head speed? Thanks! glad to know from the experts they are legit
  3. Hi guys, wanted to ask about these Shimada K’s Tour X. Have never seen these stickers before and are they legit? Have only seen the long green ones or the one with clean wording (as shown on tsg website). Also may I know how they play and what would you describe it closest to in terms of feel and ballflight (dg/kbs/modus 3 etc.)? Thanks!
  4. Thanks guys, am starting to really consider the Benock fittings ? Currently game the zen but after reading all your reviews and comments.. its really sparking my curiosity
  5. What about the crazy fittings? Are they worth the trip? And also putter fittings, any recommendations? Thanks for the tips, my first time really shopping golf in japan Cheers
  6. Hi experts! Ive read a couple of past threads regarding golf shopping in japan “must dos” here And just wanted an update Im actually heading over there mid next month and would maybe like to spend a day going through jdm stuff. To be honest, I’m pretty set with my bag all through the set, but if there were to be any potential changes would most likely be the driver or maybe putter. So just wanted to hear you guys recommendations, from the top of your head, a few interesting places to visit for golf shopping and/or fitting! thanks !
  7. Can anyone share some insights and reviews on the MB KKs vs MB prototypes? :)
  8. I game these tw-u s. Love it and my go to club 99% of the time on those tight fairways and when not confident in the driver. Hahahahaha Great off the deck and tee. Looks like a blade as well when addressed, guess that’s where it just edges the new srixon. The vizard shafts are really smooth though find that if you give it a little extra speed, can cause the balls to balloon a little. Finally decided to put in an MCI iron shaft, offering the best of steel-ish feel and ease off the deck!
  9. Thanks loads for your feedback. Had a chance to hit both the Yururi Tataki and new Seida in DG’s shafts. Just my two cents: Spins: Both were really good with great spin, hard to tell which one was better. Didn’t have any launch monitors, but if I were to pick one would be the Tataki. But, no real difference. Feel- really subjective, but I guess both have distinct characters and good in its own way. The Tataki had a soft slightly mushy feel to it, whereas the Seida had a “heavy”/sticky feel to it when hit well, something like rm12s. It had some kind of “vibrating” solid feedback on well struck shots. On the tataki, you could really feel the ball spinning off the club face if you focus on it. grind - Tataki’s Grind was slightly more versatile and allows for more kinds of shots, whether really opening it up wide or closing the face, playing square without opening the face but still get height on the shot, toe down chip etc. Whereas the Seida had a little more bounce and less relief all round (though definitely doesn’t limit the standard player from playing different kind of shots). Seida was easy off the sand and a more forgiving (maybe also due to the slightly larger blade size). Tataki full shots were great fun to hit and easy to shape like a blade Shape and looks - tataki has the sexy black raw and slightly smaller blade size of the two. Seida the chrome raw finish, slightly larger blade. Again, both great in its own way
  10. Hi TSGers, am fairly new here though have always been following the forum and play Jdmgolf clubs. I’m looking for a new set of wedges and wanted to ask if any of you guys have tried these? Maybe some comments on how they compare to previous models would be great. Currently gaming PRGR RS wedges2016/17 (the black one). Also, if any of you experts can share the background behind the Seida label, k-gekku and Yururi would be awesome ?
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