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  1. 43 gram stock shafts...I'm wondering if it's for my grandfather or my little sister! My God man, no wonder this crap never makes it inside the ropes.
  2. Will sell head only + cover + weight kit = $300 USA Delivery $349 Int'L delivery.
  3. Sale pricing updated, hot shot new shaft, showroom new like condition and the fastest ball speeds of any of the new drivers out there.... reviews here...google the RIck Shiels review on you tube
  4. taking and offers, and will sell head only as another option.
  5. Entertaining offers gentlemen on a superb show room like new driver with all the accessories and adjustability one needs to dial in.
  6. Dead mint sexy like new cannon. 45.5 D3 9.5* loft Totally adjustable, 3 weights kit, wrench all original packaging included. Sale pricing... $499 USA Delivery, $549 International Delivery with Insurance and tracking. No trades. thx
  7. I've had no issues with distance gapping whatsoever, carry 5-PW VGS + 50-54-60 wedges, top it off with a 22* Geotech. No issues at all, and everyone of my scratch to 5hdcp buddies who try them-love them.
  8. have not hit Ray irons, but the VG3 vs AP2 is entirely different performance and feel level. same size club behind the ball, u have to look close to see a bit more top line in the VG3 haye a tad bit more offset but no where near a large GI club. they feel better go further faster, great s20 feel with a hint of turbo charged kick at impact from the s45 faces. I can move the ball with ease a little in each direction, no difference there vs any cb mid size blade that ive played before. they are smaller and a million times better looking than the new Srixon 545. little more forgiving in the 5 iron vs AP2 all others about the same in terms of forgiveness. It's a better feeling AP2 on steroids really. If you play for a lot of money or play to shoot the lowest score possible these should be on your radar.
  9. with 20 rounds in and 3 tournament rounds I'm happy to declare the above statement with no reservation. Absolutely fantastic, looks sound feel forgiveness playability and control...and super distance. Better combination of the above noted than any other set of irons I've played in 25 years of golf around the World. I have them paired with UST Prototype Recoil 95S. My o index friend hit them today along side is Muira 202's and declared them 1.5x's longer, and better feeling. Just want to say thanks to Chris for his help in getting me into this great setup.
  10. SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>thank you gentlemen
  11. Driver is for sale gentlemen, thank sir for your offer in trade.
  12. Guys, anyone home? 463 views and not a single offer on supposedly one of the "hottest" drivers on this board, hmmmm.....c'mon now fellas!
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