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  1. Can you expand on the spin weld hosel? I once read in a publication that yhe spin weld neck is what makes Miura better than other offerings.
  2. artlu

    The New Bridgestone Tour-B Series Golf Clubs

    How is the XD7 driver compare to other bigger OEMs drivers in distance and launch?
  3. artlu

    The New Bridgestone Tour-B Series Golf Clubs

    Any one has a review /opinions on the XD 7 driver's performance? Spin and launch /distance?
  4. The young assistant at my driving range cracked his R15 last week, and since he runs a lot of golf related errands for me, I am going to gift him a new one. The current list of candidates include Prgr, Srixon, B stone JGR and possibly A grind 440. I know he has hit the Prgr Nabla well in random demo, but think the A grind 440 can be a good fit for him. His swing is similar to DL III and does not seem to create an excessive amount of spin. Any suggestions /opinions are welcome.
  5. artlu

    New Brand - Crime of Angel (?!)

    I think part of these brands' marketing /branding strategy is to project a coolness with their names that's contradictory to most people's idea of what golf represent. Also, the niche brands only have a very small clientele to attract, they are bound to run out of public interest. Just look at Basselius, waa the top trend for a little while, now no one talks about them.
  6. artlu

    Fujikura Evolution III Spotted

    I would think so. They had some very prominent players putting them in the bags.
  7. what are your thoughts on these grips? Also are they with/without reminder?
  8. artlu

    Grips - which do you like?

    Is there any review of the Perfect Pro X line cord grips or the X Hold Cord grips?
  9. artlu

    SICK SICK set of Buchi VS200's!

    Thanks, going to buy them with the irresistible price he offered me.
  10. artlu

    SICK SICK set of Buchi VS200's!

    I was in my friend's shop last night to finalize my order for new wedges. He has a set of this model in the regular finish, but the heads are without the sheep stamp. What's the difference between those and the ones available from TSG?
  11. artlu

    Wedge shafts suggestions?

    Meant to say tipping them.
  12. artlu

    Wedge shafts suggestions?

    Sounds like the WV is similar to the Rifle Spinner I have in play now. Controlled ball flight with a good amount of spin. I don't worry that much about spinning the ball, so leaning towards Tour 125. Thanks for the input.
  13. artlu

    Wedge shafts suggestions?

    Tried searching the forum but didn't find anything concrete. Your thoughts on the WV 125? I don't think i am going to hard step the shafts in my wedges
  14. Currently playing Modus Tour 125 x-flex hard stepped in my irons and am finalising the order for my new Vokey Cold Forged wedges. My current wedges have Rifle Spinner 6.5 in them and was hesitant to make a change with the shafts because i was dialed in with them. Now that the gamers are almost worn, i am making a switch, the question is which? I am loving the Tour 125,but also considerimg WV125 or Tour 120 TX. All suggestions welcomed.
  15. artlu

    Miura Giken CB-1008 Irons

    Any reviews on these? I would consider getting 3 to 5 irons to go with MB 001