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  1. RT @totalgolfmove: WARNING: will put you in your feelings https://t.co/eQmjDLFUCT

  2. RT @ForTheMen: BRUHH THAT FIRST GUY 💀😂😂😂 https://t.co/mB1dCyWYgn

  3. RT @charliekirk11: Nancy Pelosi stood 8 hours for illegal aliens but she couldn’t stand 30 seconds for veterans during the state of the uni…

  4. Can both teams lose? #Skol

  5. RT @ShooterMcGavin_: Shooter congratulating Ray Lewis on being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame https://t.co/tjcZQBjwnc

  6. RT @SomeonesAnIdiot: Nothing makes smart people look stupid quite like easy sports questions https://t.co/AsBB1tXkFq

  7. RT @FoxNews: [email protected]: "There was zero movement from @TheDemocrats. They sat there stone-cold, no smile, no applause... Perhaps they'd rathe…

  8. @spiffy_smitthy Her ass needs to go. She’s losing her damn mind.

  9. RT @GCTigerTracker: It's official: Tiger has made the cut! And there won't even be a secondary cut. https://t.co/v11CwkvsKq

  10. RT @BPett7: Mind blown, incredible! 🤯⛳️🤯⛳️🤯 https://t.co/HvF3XijyEV

  11. RT @totalgolfmove: When it’s Monday but you remember Tiger plays this week https://t.co/VazJFyWVyv

  12. RT @RubinReport: The Federal Government has shut down. The longer we go without these clowns the more we’ll realize we don’t need them. Let…

  13. RT @MichaelKistNFL: I would say this is a penalty... https://t.co/Egp0t2SlwV

  14. RT @OliverMcGee: Wow. Throwback to when Senator Barack Obama agreed with @realDonaldTrump on immigration! RT this so your friends see this!…

  15. RT @FoxNews: [email protected] on the tax bill: "[Republicans] want to allow the American people to keep their own money in their own walle…