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  1. RT @RealJamesWoods: So simple, even #Democrats could understand it (if they were to try)... #Legal, #Illegal https://t.co/hwGI9jVgqN

  2. RT @JzoSports: Baker Mayfield destroys Colin Cowherd for trying to imply he's a "selfish" teammate (via @ByJoeBuettner) https://t.co/AbPcC…

  3. RT @benshapiro: Dems: This is just like Nazi Germany! Cruz: Here’s a bill to end it. Dems: Nazi!

  4. RT @HeavensHawkeye: A true American hero https://t.co/2W5cxI64ng

  5. RT @dbongino: Is this an attempt at comedy? Dude, you embarrassed yourself, the intelligence community, the country, & anyone associated wi…

  6. RT @TomiLahren: Please, tell us how you really feel. This is the exact reason the media and Leftist hacks thought Hillary would win, they d…

  7. RT @Steve_Perrault: Dear @MLB, give us every mic’d up ejection for the rest of eternity. Sincerely, Everyone. https://t.co/l0rttuYHb2

  8. @Aaron_Bell3 Spelled Lebron wrong...again...

  9. RT @BirdieBallUSA: US OPEN CONTEST TIME! US Open week starts tomorrow. Two amazing, big, flat and true 4' x 14', four cup putting greens…

  10. RT @TuckerCarlson: A lot will be said about Charles Krauthammer. I’d add just one thing. https://t.co/emaooPEigG

  11. @pierce24_ @Aaron_Bell3 That match up with the Warriors would’ve been much more worth watching. Would’ve shaken up everything in the NBA.

  12. Look at this guy doing big things @T_Hall12 👍🏻🔥 https://t.co/d0YFlex5qg

  13. Look at this guy doing big things @T_Hall12 👍🏻🔥 https://t.co/d0YFlex5qg

  14. @hdub007 figured you’d enjoy this 😂 https://t.co/HB8wY2pfY7

  15. RT @Athlete_Vidz: Bruh, I'm dead https://t.co/QUAXmXU1BQ