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  1. Megameng

    Yamada Musashi or 85029

    I’ve got one. Happy to email you pics of you’re still looking.
  2. Okay, $740 shipped anywhere in the US. Feel free to send me your offers - will be listing on eBay by eow.
  3. price drop - $820 shipped anywhere in US
  4. Still got your 503 for sale??

    1. Megameng


      Yes I do. Let me know if you’re interested and where you’re located. Thanks!

  5. $875 shipped anywhere in the US. $750 heads only.
  6. Thank you! Price drop to $900. Let's get these moving folks!
  7. Excellent used set of Epon 503 4-P w/ Nippon super preening blue stiff shafts. 5 iron plays 38" standard length/lie. Put new Masda slick fit grips and only tested at range. Custom blue carbon ferrules. Great set but hasn't been played in over 2 years. $950 shipped anywhere in the US.
  8. Megameng

    The New SEVEN CB

    These look amazing Chris. From a "feel", and separately, a "performance" perspective, would you say these are more like 302's or 2015 kuro's?
  9. Megameng

    Epon P3's in White Satin + Killed Lead Edge Grind!

    Waiting to see the smoked copper version :)
  10. Looking to buy a set of modus 120 or 125 stiff 4-pw
  11. Has anyone tried blow tourching your irons to create a smoked effect? I got a couple wedges that had copper treatment and would like to see if I can create a smoked copper effect by tourching them...
  12. this is 🔥🔥🔥
  13. Megameng

    Epon for sale - Endo leaving golf biz

    Agreed. I appreciate Jimmieboi's perspective and opinion.
  14. Megameng

    Best Feeling Epon Iron Ever

    Feel is so subjective, but here goes... I've been in possession of the 503, 302, tour CB, and p2's. 302 is what got me into epon and it's just a fantastic iron that feels like a hot knife in butter when you nut it. TOUR CB's are fantastic as well, just a little bit more dense, like dropping your head on a fluffed feathery pillow - softer then miura but just a tad more dense than the 302. I am still getting on with the p2's and also love the feel - not sure how to describe it, buts it's just as good as the others mentioned above but Maybe just a tad softer than the 302? Maybe just better dispersion? You really can't go wrong with any of the above in terms of feel. The 503 is great too, doesn't have the same degree of feel, but makes up for it in distance/forgiveness. I voted 302 by default since it was the first one I tried and got me into the world of epon.
  15. Megameng

    Epon P2 w/ Modus 120 Stiff

    Length of shafts? What kind of grips are those? Feel free to PM me.