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  1. Hey everyone, Looking to unload a bunch of gear. To be honest, I was more of a tinkerer than a hardcore player, so majority of these items are in very good to excellent condition. Domestic US shipping is baked in the price (will have to quote international). Local pick up is good too (San Jose, CA). Open to hearing offers. ***NOT INTERESTED IN TRADES at this time*** Let me know if you have any questions! - Epon 302 Satin 4-PW + Design Tuning Shafts Stiff Flex (Shimada Tour 105g) Standard L/L The 4 iron is in a stock Shimada tour shaft stiff flex 105g. Standard length and lie.
  2. Hi all, Hope everyone is doing okay during these unprecedented times. I'm clearing out the stash and have a bunch of stuff to sell, starting with this Yamada Musashi putter in a beautiful burning copper finish. As many of you know, these are the same as the 80529 and are extremely difficult to come by. Shaft length is 33' with elite grip. There are some nics and I tried to capture this as best I could in the pics. Asking for $800 and will ship anywhere globally. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking!
  3. I've got a very clean set of 302 in Satin finish with design tuning golf shafts (stiff) and red masda slick grips. Standard loft/lie. Attached photos of 8 iron that i just took right now. I've got 4 - PW in excellent condition. Asking for $1200 including international s&h. Feel free to dm me.
  4. Hey mega how are u bro, just wondering if u still ur Yamada 85029? Hunting for one

    1. Megameng


      Hey sorry, I haven’t logged in a while. I do have a 85209 (musashi) in burning copper. As you know, these are really hard to find. I bought mine for $850. I’d be looking for the same. Let me know if you’re still interested and I can send you pics. Thanks. 

    2. donkitdemarco


      Yes still interested, send me pix pls tnx

    3. donkitdemarco


      Send me pix and total price shipped to sydney australia, thanks bro

  5. I’ve got one. Happy to email you pics of you’re still looking.
  6. Okay, $740 shipped anywhere in the US. Feel free to send me your offers - will be listing on eBay by eow.
  7. Still got your 503 for sale??

    1. Megameng


      Yes I do. Let me know if you’re interested and where you’re located. Thanks!

  8. Excellent used set of Epon 503 4-P w/ Nippon super preening blue stiff shafts. 5 iron plays 38" standard length/lie. Put new Masda slick fit grips and only tested at range. Custom blue carbon ferrules. Great set but hasn't been played in over 2 years. $950 shipped anywhere in the US.
  9. These look amazing Chris. From a "feel", and separately, a "performance" perspective, would you say these are more like 302's or 2015 kuro's?
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