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  1. Fellas, I need some help here. Recently, I took a trip to Korea for vacation. While I was over there, I ended up getting fit for and buying a set of Romaro Ray CX S20Cs. Turns out my swing's changed quite a bit as I haven't really changed my irons in nearly 6 years. In any case, my current wedges are just as old and it's about time for an upgrade. Is there anybody in here who has experience with these clubs? I did send an email about an inquiry for a custom build of these wedges as the default shaft is a bit too light for me, but I haven't received any information/reply back yet. An
  2. These look amazing. I'm just wondering the legality of these clubs when used in tournament settings?
  3. Most early 90s counterfeit honma's look like total hackjobs. Those were arguably the highest quality irons and near impossible to replicate. I'm pretty sure those are genuine.
  4. Driver: Yonex E-zone Type 455 cc 10* w/ Graphite Design Tour AD MD-6s Fairway: XPC Rough Rider 3 wood 13* w/ Precision Rifle 65g Stiff Hybrid: Adams Idea Pro Boxer 4 Hybrid 20* w/ Matrix Ozik Atlus Hybrid 85g Stiff Irons/Wedges: Honma LB-717 4-SW w/ Honma Titanium Carbon S-2 Flex (2-stars) Putter: Odyssey White Hot XG #9 w/ Nippon Pro Putter Shaft XXIP-A2 Irons are 'old' but they were never used. Bought these baby new, and they still feel like butter.
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