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  1. Epon 210 54

    Looking for a good condition epon 210 54 degree. Pm me if you have one to let go.
  2. Great 3 and 5 wood combo

    crazy crz full titan. its the best so far
  3. Recommendation for high bounce Gap wedge

    thanks for the feedback guys. Definitely looking for something forgiving. Wedge game has been my weakness and would like something very forgiving for a wedge.
  4. does anyone knows any high bounce gap wedge that are JDM? Usually they comes in 10 bounce for a 52 degree. Would like something like 12 degree anyone knows of any? Other than Epon wedges or Miura.
  5. All-Time Best Bag Setup

    Driver: Ping G400 Fairway: Crazy CRZ Full Titan Irons: PXG 0311 Wedges: Cleveland rtx 2 forged (matsuyama) Putter: Scotty 009 Ball: Nxt Tour
  6. Got Reviews on the JBeam TF-UT

    Am keen on this hybrid. How is this compared to the modart? I like shallow face hybrid.
  7. Miura ICL-601 Driving Irons

    Bring on the Epon 905 driving iron
  8. Pics of the new Crazy CRZ Full Titan Fairway Wood

    Tried it against the Ryoma. Ryoma is for sure long but no matter how i try to draw or fade it, it just goes straight. It is very easy to work this crazy full titan. I love this fairway wood. I choose this over the Ryoma FW.
  9. Fairways of (Ryoma) Heaven

    great thanks. So say compared to other 15 degree 3 wood u used for tee off, do you find the ryoma f2 easier?
  10. Fairways of (Ryoma) Heaven

    Any more updates on the Ryoma f2? i am keen on getting one as a driver insurance. However i was wondering how easy is it to launch a 13 degree fairway wood off the tee? Is the face too shallow for that?
  11. Shimada K's 8001 - first impression

    thanks for the feedback Nob. I really like the modus 105 shaft. Will love to try these one day.
  12. Fairways of (Ryoma) Heaven

    Very interesting Ian. In fact I'm on a quest to lower my score. It might take awhile but i have finally found that i swing woods much better than irons. I am re shaping my bag and i carry till 6 iron tops. I have inserted 7 wood and replace the 5 iron with a large chunky driving iron and hybrid depending on condition. So far, i have been more consistent in terms of scoring which i aim to be.
  13. found

    found thanks.
  14. 7 wood vs hybrid

    Yes i will probably do so. I am thinking 42.5" on my 5 wood at 18.5 and 41.5" at 21.5 7 wood. Then it will go to my 5 iron. Some major shifting at the top of my bag before summer comes! Am getting my hands on a XR deep, a driver insurance!