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  1. yeah i think the LZ steel shaft have been really solid. I was not a fan of project x shaft till LZ. It is my go to steel shaft right now.
  2. soft step 3 times usually equal to 1 flex. I think that is fine. i have done so before. But project x lz is a solid shaft. Why do you not just want to use that? It is the best feeling steel shaft for me - i used modus 105 previously
  3. Hi all, I am considering buying the new Kyoei Dual weighted irons. Is there any users that has proper feedbacks about this? Care to share about the forgiveness level? I have been a guy using epon 7 series and PXG XP series. But i feel i would like something that spin better and a notch less forgiving for accuracy. I read that its about the same forgiveness as epon 505 which i would say is an iron i am having serious consideration getting.
  4. Looking for 5 to p Epon 705. Heads only. Pm me if you hv 1 for sale.
  5. Yes I prefer my itobori wedges. The bounce for me is slightly too high. I prefer the lower bounce wedges.
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