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  1. That’s fine. I’m looking for U-8 stiff not I-8s.
  2. looking for kyoei mb and roddio pentacross utility 8 stiff shaft. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  3. modart hybrid and epon wedges sold.
  4. All prices including of shipping but will not ship to Canada. All prices in USD 1. Fujikura Bangvoo Iron shafts (4-P) regular- These are the best graphite iron shaft hands down. One time pull - $1000 2. Modus red limited edition 105 stiff (5-PW) very new - $250 3. Royal Collection SFD X7 Ti (18°) heads only - $100 4. 2x Kuro Kage XM - use for 1 round - $200 each 5. Basileus Alpha FW 75 stiff plays to 42.5" without adapter - $200 6. Assorted putter covers all new except the batman - 50 each batman putter cover - free to whoever that buy most.
  5. magpies

    Hybrids (jbeam/romaro/agrind)

    many thanks. I will be looking to get the G-Ut as shape is the most important factor to me. Will be getting it square face. Is it possible to order for a flatter lie angle though?
  6. magpies

    Hybrids (jbeam/romaro/agrind)

    In that case, what is the difference between G-UT and the new Romaro Type R?
  7. magpies

    Hybrids (jbeam/romaro/agrind)

    That’s true. Supo always suggest the hard stuff.
  8. magpies

    Hybrids (jbeam/romaro/agrind)

    hey supo is the freiheit got me thinking. It looks swallow head to me which i like. I am thinking between freiheit/ jbeam/ romaro type r. Which 3 of these is easiest?
  9. magpies

    Hybrids (jbeam/romaro/agrind)

    A grind Dst has a really close face.
  10. magpies

    Hybrids (jbeam/romaro/agrind)

    Hi thanks for the reply. I have hit a grind Proto ut, modart, a grind small hybrid and almost of these hybrids hooks left on me. I prefer smaller looking hybrids but this time I’m looking for one that is easy to hit but not big till the ryoma it I am looking for one that is real easy to hit that has a square face (no close face at all). Not too deep of a face is gd. Think I prefer shallow to semi shallow. I think I saw the a grind dst before and the face look really close. Is the jbeam g ut better than the tf ut?
  11. Looking at new hybrids in 24 degree loft. Anyone has experience with the j beam tf ut vs the romaro type r or a grind DST? Forgiveness and less hooking is the main thing for me. appreciate any feedbacks.
  12. The pxg are much better than the 790 in terms of feel, sound. But distance wise the 790 is very erratic. I have shots ranging from 150 to 170 carry on a 7 iron. Whereas the pxg is at 155-160. But if you really want flat out performance go with the callaway epic. I sold them all and went back to my epon 303. Just prefer the “Japanese forging feel” at the end of the day.
  13. magpies

    Scotty madness

    Nothing to be confounded about mate. It’s just that you don’t value it as much as some others do. It’s a combination of great marketing with history and success to back it up. Helps that having key generation of top golfers using their putter. From Tiger to Spieth/JT etc... you couldn’t call them out as bs as well because they are hugely successful. Someone will eventually pay that price for the putter. Tiger woods back up putter just went for 44k. I don’t even know if he has even touch it before.
  14. magpies

    Scotty madness

    its a bbc masterpiece - $12000. Collector's item. Don't think of it as a putter. Just think of it as an art piece. Its just something you buy and you put it on display. I doubt a Scotty collector will use it. The insert is GSS and the body is made of copper.