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  1. yeah i think the LZ steel shaft have been really solid. I was not a fan of project x shaft till LZ. It is my go to steel shaft right now.
  2. soft step 3 times usually equal to 1 flex. I think that is fine. i have done so before. But project x lz is a solid shaft. Why do you not just want to use that? It is the best feeling steel shaft for me - i used modus 105 previously
  3. Selling an excellent condition epon 906 - 26 degree driving iron head. It is practically new (used once) and has the word demo on it. Asking for USD 280 shipped to you. Interested party please pm me. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I am considering buying the new Kyoei Dual weighted irons. Is there any users that has proper feedbacks about this? Care to share about the forgiveness level? I have been a guy using epon 7 series and PXG XP series. But i feel i would like something that spin better and a notch less forgiving for accuracy. I read that its about the same forgiveness as epon 505 which i would say is an iron i am having serious consideration getting.
  5. Looking for 5 to p Epon 705. Heads only. Pm me if you hv 1 for sale.
  6. Yes I prefer my itobori wedges. The bounce for me is slightly too high. I prefer the lower bounce wedges.
  7. If u like iz wood shaft the hybrid shaft is quite different profile. The old gt blue hybrid shaft that’s the “more similar” profile to iz wood shafts.
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