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  1. Hello mates, Looking for a quick sale. Epon 501 5 to 8 irons. The 9 was lost therefore selling this cheap. All irons are in very good condition and +0.75 inch. 5 iron: DG s300 6 iron: shaft-less 7 iron: KBS tour stiff 8 iron: Kbs tour stiff was playing around with shafts thus the creation. Interested parties please drop me a msg. Cheers Asking price: $SOLD
  2. Looking to purchase nippon putter shaft. 0.355. Any one selling pls msg me. cheers
  3. If anyone got a single epon 501 9 iron pls message me. Cheers
  4. i lost my 9 iron. am actually looking for a wedge set that covers it. from what i know it is yururi gekku and fourteen. But i will probably do a combo.
  5. looking for yururi gekku wedges 41* or fourteen rm 21 42*. Also jokey forged 2012. Looking for 46/50 and 56. Pm me if you have any. Cheers
  6. thanks guys for the feedback! Much appreciated!
  7. Hello mates, This question goes to the vokey users. As we know, Titleist japan has create 3 versions of forged vokey wedges. They are the forged (2012), cold forged (2014) and the current cold forged series (2015). My question is, which has the best feeling/performance among these 3? Mainly, I would like to know if the cold forged feels better than the 2012 series forged by Endo. Cheers
  8. Hello mates, For sale is a great condition 9.5/10 Yamada Emperor 2. Headcover is practically un-used. Length is 33". Asking for $350 + shipping.
  9. I've hit it. It not good at all. Extremely pricey and the feel is like hitting a cast club. It's purely for cosmetic reasons if you get one.
  10. Thanks for the feedback Nob. Stepped NS pro shaft? Ive never seen that. How is it compared to the stepless version? I will be more keen on steel putter shaft now.
  11. i just checked, its a little too light isn't it? its raw at 106g.
  12. Thanks mate. Most likely i will try the nippon 149g. Graphite shaft on a putter seems quite awkward to me.
  13. Hi nob, will wait for your feedback. How has the ns pro heavy shaft been for you then? Which weight do you use and how is it? cheers
  14. Hi robbie, any reasons why you love the matrix? How is it compared to say normal steel putter shaft?
  15. Hello mates, Got a question regarding putter shafts. Deciding which putter shaft to fit in my Epon I33 for increase control and feel. Am considering between the UST FF, NSPRO heavy shaft or the matrix graphite shaft. Any information on these 3 putter shafts or any other shaft will be much appreciated. Cheers.
  16. All the best mate. I think what Chris said is very true. But all that said, never let the passion and desire fade!
  17. Why study about golf when you can study about how to be rich and then buy whatever you want in the future. I have a dream too. But mine is to be rich enough to buy over Epon. (kidding)
  18. im not good enough for driving irons. sadly
  19. Interested to trade for a Ryoma d1 driver?
  20. Need to let this go. Please pm me offers. Cheers!
  21. Hi just curious, how did you Epon 902 became 22?
  22. Looking for epon 902 hybrid 18 degree. interested sellers please pm me. cheers
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