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  1. Selling a set of excellent condition 303. It is MOI build with ACCRA ICWT 95 shaft. Other than a small dink on the 9 iron, otherwise it is perfect. It comes 6 pieces 6 to Gap. Interested parties pls pm me.
  2. 1. Selling a set of Kyoei MB (4-Pw) head only. Condition 7/10. Sold 2. Epon Af tour MB 4 iron head only (Brand new) SOLD Interested please pm me. Cheers
  3. Looking for epon af tour MB 2. Prefer heads only. Pm me if you got 1 for sale. Cheers
  4. honma beres series, yamaha ud+2 or the new titleist type d (i think) series. Recently got the ud+2 for my friend who was a beginner. Driver go with Ping. Its hard to beat ping for forgiveness, fairway as well. The XXIO hybrids are excellent.
  5. That’s fine. I’m looking for U-8 stiff not I-8s.
  6. looking for kyoei mb and roddio pentacross utility 8 stiff shaft. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  7. many thanks. I will be looking to get the G-Ut as shape is the most important factor to me. Will be getting it square face. Is it possible to order for a flatter lie angle though?
  8. In that case, what is the difference between G-UT and the new Romaro Type R?
  9. That’s true. Supo always suggest the hard stuff.
  10. hey supo is the freiheit got me thinking. It looks swallow head to me which i like. I am thinking between freiheit/ jbeam/ romaro type r. Which 3 of these is easiest?
  11. A grind Dst has a really close face.
  12. Hi thanks for the reply. I have hit a grind Proto ut, modart, a grind small hybrid and almost of these hybrids hooks left on me. I prefer smaller looking hybrids but this time I’m looking for one that is easy to hit but not big till the ryoma it I am looking for one that is real easy to hit that has a square face (no close face at all). Not too deep of a face is gd. Think I prefer shallow to semi shallow. I think I saw the a grind dst before and the face look really close. Is the jbeam g ut better than the tf ut?
  13. Looking at new hybrids in 24 degree loft. Anyone has experience with the j beam tf ut vs the romaro type r or a grind DST? Forgiveness and less hooking is the main thing for me. appreciate any feedbacks.
  14. Nothing to be confounded about mate. It’s just that you don’t value it as much as some others do. It’s a combination of great marketing with history and success to back it up. Helps that having key generation of top golfers using their putter. From Tiger to Spieth/JT etc... you couldn’t call them out as bs as well because they are hugely successful. Someone will eventually pay that price for the putter. Tiger woods back up putter just went for 44k. I don’t even know if he has even touch it before.
  15. its a bbc masterpiece - $12000. Collector's item. Don't think of it as a putter. Just think of it as an art piece. Its just something you buy and you put it on display. I doubt a Scotty collector will use it. The insert is GSS and the body is made of copper.
  16. magpies

    Epon 210 54

    Looking for a good condition epon 210 54 degree. Pm me if you have one to let go.
  17. crazy crz full titan. its the best so far
  18. thanks for the feedback guys. Definitely looking for something forgiving. Wedge game has been my weakness and would like something very forgiving for a wedge.
  19. does anyone knows any high bounce gap wedge that are JDM? Usually they comes in 10 bounce for a 52 degree. Would like something like 12 degree anyone knows of any? Other than Epon wedges or Miura.
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