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  1. my golfwrx name is the same as on here if you're looking for feedback. ebay feedback is lazriss.
  2. price drops, lets get these moved!
  3. I really just want to get this stuff moved and since I haven't been in the JDM scene for a while my prices are probably off. So feel free to make reasonable offers!
  4. Trades: I'm only interested in rare tyson lamb ball markers & divot tools. If my prices are out of line, feel free to message me an offer. The worst I can say is no! I just want to get this stuff moved so its not collecting dust. First up is a set of EPON Personal 3 heads. 4-P. If you want more pictures, let me know and ill be glad to get those to you. $1400 $1150 $1050 paypal'd OBO to the CONUS. Next, is an EPON Zero Driver with headcover. It has an aldila rogue S shaft. $250 $215 $200 paypal'd to the CONUS.
  5. WTB EPON AF-203 5wood

    I already have a shaft that I plan on using so all I'm looking for is the clubhead. PM me if you have one or know someone who's looking to sell one. Thanks in advance!
  6. 2015 Epon IP Zero

    what's your SS and is there a difference between the zero and this?