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  1. Was thinking of buying the Perfect pro corded - ribbed - how are these on the lower part of the grip? =)
  2. I play with the 503 AW and it is amazing. truly wow. Consider getting either 503 or 703 maybe :)
  3. Did you see my post? nothing for u? ;)
  4. Amazing putter! Butterysoft - much nicer than the 006. 1
  5. It feels really soft and the sound is really nice too! I would say it is as forgiving and as long as the Ping G and even the Epic. In my opinion more forgiving than the typical JDM driver and as good as any other out there if you like the shape of it. You wont be disappointed thats for sure
  6. @Spoon Quadra FEX UT 85S - 38.75 (was playing 41 in AF903 head) - 150 USD - just one practice session
  7. If I could get ahold of the Super stroke black tie maybe i would give that a go.. But ill buy a Flatso 1.0 counterweight - One of few larger grips taht weigh 50 grams I need something lighter than my JOP - it is 75 grams.. .. If anyone is interested in trying a JOP let me know =)
  8. I've tried 6 jdm drivers or so - never got one to really work for me - until recently - Modart MA01D+R - so easy to hit.
  9. Hello lads, The modart 22* hybrid is it 277 grams? 342-65? and the 19* is 271?
  10. Put on the JOP and it feels good :) Always in the business to try new grips tho. I like the shape of the flatso 1.0 as i use ribbed grips on all other clubs in the bag..
  11. MA01F 19 or 16* 2x monaco shafts for wedges Or any other amazing wedge you think is worthy :) Perfect pro ribbed grips Cadero grips