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  1. Hello everyone, I just bought a set of used 303's and I would be thankful if people who own them could send me some pictures of theirs The e looks very off, so does the serial (thanks nob)
  2. Epon 503 added Can split heads with shaft or also split heads separately aw and 4 iron
  3. Hello, Anyone have any recommendation regarding cooking knives? Doesnt have to be Japanese just something with great quality at a reasonable cost ?
  4. Im debating of going away from Nippon 125 in stiff to another 95-105 grams shaft... yes? no? why?
  5. I used it in my driver only - butt trimmed it to play less than 45.5 ?
  6. I wrote it before - but I never felt anything as buttery soft as: Tourstage 705 type M Shimada tour lites Mazda slickfit I gamed Miura 501 for 5 years with Shimada tour lites and Mazda grips but these didnt even compare to the sensation of the Tourstage.. Currently I have epon 503 with shimada and the softness is not even near (thinking Endo forged both 503 and tourstages).. Maybe for me the Shimada tour lites (very high CPM) gave me a good feel off the face? or maybe the stiffness helps remove vibrations? or maybe a lot is in the grips? Anyone who tried Tourstage 705-M and SUS316? i'd love to get a comboset too...
  7. Hello, My friend wants to sell his clubs Epon 701's. (Located in Sweden) The iomics are used for 2 rounds so they are brand new Face of the clubs is 9/10 Sole and back has scratches and the PW is the most damaged as you can see on the picture - it is rust due the finish not being there anymore. ? 400 dollars incl shipping worldwide
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