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  1. I used it in my driver only - butt trimmed it to play less than 45.5 🙂
  2. wedda

    Epon SUS316 & Miura CB 1008 LTD comparos

    I wrote it before - but I never felt anything as buttery soft as: Tourstage 705 type M Shimada tour lites Mazda slickfit I gamed Miura 501 for 5 years with Shimada tour lites and Mazda grips but these didnt even compare to the sensation of the Tourstage.. Currently I have epon 503 with shimada and the softness is not even near (thinking Endo forged both 503 and tourstages).. Maybe for me the Shimada tour lites (very high CPM) gave me a good feel off the face? or maybe the stiffness helps remove vibrations? or maybe a lot is in the grips? Anyone who tried Tourstage 705-M and SUS316? i'd love to get a comboset too...
  3. Hello, My friend wants to sell his clubs Epon 701's. (Located in Sweden) The iomics are used for 2 rounds so they are brand new Face of the clubs is 9/10 Sole and back has scratches and the PW is the most damaged as you can see on the picture - it is rust due the finish not being there anymore. 🙂 400 dollars incl shipping worldwide
  4. wedda

    Shimada K's-NINE 9

    Hello everyone, Anyone tried their new series? K's-NINE 9 I gamed the Shimada tour lites in stiff in first my: tourstage bridgestone type m with masda slick fit - these shafts together with those heads very the softest i ever hit. Had the Miura 501's prior but these didnt feel as muchy... Then went on to epon 501 and as of late 503's... but the shimadas are so much softer feeling in terms of impact than my current modus 120's.. I like lighter shafts - and curious how Nine 9 perform.. Anyone? =)
  5. I think my way of gripping a club is useless as Iomics and No1 grips wear in a couple of weeks/months... maybe a bigger grip wont tear as much.... Anyone tried the Jumbomax? would love to try having an baseballbatsizedgrip on my clubs 😃
  6. Anyone? Im built up my Masda slickfits a lot and then they feel much better.. I hook the ball way less.. but id like a grip that is bigger from the start so I dont have to build them up so much... Im open to the grips not being ribbed.. midsize to jumbo would work.. give me your tips?
  7. wedda

    Driver and three wood shafts - X flex

    I got 3x spoonshafts that could be of interest for you Rombax type S 80 grams in stiff - i would say it is at least an SX. Graphite design 9003x 85 grams x-stiff TRPX 1st messenger in SX.. nearly an x-stiff
  8. Hello, What shafts do you guys prefer gaming in your wedges? Do you most of the time game same shafts for example in a 50 - 54 and 60? Do you find any pro/cons to gaming a softer flexed shaft in a 58 degree compared to a 54 for example? Anyone went from a heavy shaft 130 grams to lets say a 100 grams and saw big differences? I've tried Shimada HW and currently S200 and must say I like the feel of the s200 more - goes higher but not high.. the HW felt really low launching with good spin.. Was thinking of going a new route just to try..
  9. wedda

    Putter shaft weight

    Hey guys, What is your take on the weight of a putter shaft? I've mostly gamed nippons with a weight of 129-149 grams - also tried the dogatti... Do you find that the more SW the putter has the more forgiving it is? Or the opposite - a lighter head with a lighter shaft feels easier to get on line? I bought the superstroke flatso 2.0 which is 50 grams just to get the sw in the high range and I like it... I was thinking of buying the heaviest nippon shaft and cut it down to 33 or 34.. always been playing 35,25... I also got my putter down to 69 in lie angle which for me seemed to help a lot.
  10. If you decide to go this route please let me know what your findings are 🙂 Im gaming 503's Gap-4i
  11. Bought 2 FEX.. put one in my driver.. and out of 30 drives (played 3 rounds of golf all on new courses that I havent played before) only 1 ball was lost due to a water hazard.. Somehing with that shaft is just working so thank you Supo!!! The 5 wood I hit one of my best shots ever today too.. the shaft is playing a little bit over 3wood lenght but havent decided if i should tip it .. butt it.. or just keep it that long. 🙂