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  1. Midsize grip changes SW?

    2 grams of weight should equal 1 sw. But there are of coruse midsize that is as light as some standard sized grips... I bought Perfect pro corded ribbed grips 50-52 grams or so... weigh as much as my old Masda slick fit ribbed.. I think ribbed grips feel a little bit bigger in the hands.. so maybe go that route =)
  2. Bangvoo/Modart

    The best working JDM driver that I ever tried - still gaming mine and will never ever leave my bag :-) Great guy to deal with!! :-)
  3. Epon stand bag

    Hi gents, Anyone used their stand bags? Their waterproof series looks rather decent! Quality? finish? waterproof?
  4. SOLD

    I went from Shimada tour lites to Monacos in stiff - both shafts are amazing and highly recommend the Monacos. Heavier than the tour lites but still feel amazing. I paid 320 dollars for mine and worth every penny.
  5. Miura Giken's New HAYATE Driver

    I loved the MG SIT driver - really forgiving and lovely sound - curious if this performs likeworthy? =)
  6. Epon 155i

    Hey gents, Anyone who hit this driver? Any good? :)
  7. Was thinking of buying the Perfect pro corded - ribbed - how are these on the lower part of the grip? =)
  8. Epon 703 aw

    I play with the 503 AW and it is amazing. truly wow. Consider getting either 503 or 703 maybe :)
  9. rc wedges

    Did you see my post? nothing for u? ;)