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  1. Got orion 54 and 60 Thn yamaha @ 46.. Big gap! 😃
  2. Right on Nob! 😃
  3. Hello everyone, My PW is 46* and I need another PW/AW with minimal offset @ 49 or 50* Mizuno MP33 PW 48 degrees - will bend it to 49* Mizuno TP-9 PW 50 degrees KZG PW are mostly 48-49 degrees My wedges are 54 and 60
  4. Greensoap (not sure if that is the name in english) doesnt dry the rubber out
  5. Yes, I paid 180 dollars in shipping for my irons... 3,5 kg...... 🙂
  6. I took each iron apart - there was a tiny weight in each shaft that I removed 7i weighs 267,53 grams Tomorrow ill try one of my id bl's with a dynamic gold lite.. high launching shaft and compare it to the one with modus 120..
  7. If anyone have a set of these let me know Preferably heads only
  8. Hello everyone, Currently gaming my ID BL's with Modus 120 and golfpride R58 1* upright - club comes out D1... Does the 120 series have a lot of weight in the butt of the shaft? I just feel that the ID BL's feels so light compared to all other sets I ever owned.. Maybe the heads are just light overall? I hit my friends Yamaha 2009 Inpres X today and I need a set of these.. if anyone have them in good condition let me know. 😃 S200 = 127 grams Grip = 50 grams as standard 6i = 436 = 259 grams head Srixon Z565 = 6i 261,4 Miura 501 = 6i 266 grams Need to get SW up a bit... 😃
  9. Hello everyone, Anyone tried this? If so, any good compared to other offerings? Will you sell this product Chris?
  10. I had the MG SIT460 - loved that driver .. never tried the normal Miura SIT460 but would be interesting to see if this driver as well have the same weighting.. 😃
  11. Hello everyone, Want to do some heavy testing on a 44 or 44,5 driver instead of my current gamer 45,25 I swing it 98-106 so mostly i game regulars-stiff in everything Any other good shaft options than: GD P9003x? Diamana thump maybe in the 80 gram range? Diamana d plus 80 Fujikura ventus blue 8
  12. I bought a Rosemark 1,25 thorn and it is a great grip but wish I would find a bigger one.. I tried the 1.60 winn grip on a friends putter and i liked the size of that one - rosemark 1,52 maybe?
  13. I really liked the Iomic absolute x, had it maybe 7 years ago.. might have to buy one new... The JOP is only good in humid condition as the texture of it gets too dry for me.. Currently gaming it.. Gripmaster feather lite? or the normal ones?
  14. Hello everyone, What is your to-go-to putter grip? If you know the weight of the grip please state it as well, prefer lighter grips 50-68 grams
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