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  1. Mizuno Yoro MP55 5-PW 8-PW CB 7-5 undercut Less offset Greyish/matte finish 0,5 flat heads only PW @ 46 / 62,5 lie 300 USD MP66 4-PW Satin finish Less offset 0,5 flat heads only PW @ 46 / 62,5 lie 300 USD Both sets are more forgiving than MP5 MP66 flies higher than MP55 for me Both sets are very soft Mizuno With x100 they play at D2.5 @ standard lenght With KBS 130x plays at D1.5 @ standard lenght Miura IC601 50* 100 USD good condition head only Still got the X100 for the MP55's and MP66 Got some shafts for the Miura too
  2. Zodia 50* Head only SOLD Tourstage 56/14 Head only Used for 1 season so in decent shape - rust is starting to show on the sole and between the grooves wont of course not impact anything 60 USD 58/08 Head only Used for 2 seasons - more worn than the 56. Still spins a lot and 40 USD
  3. Been my gamer for 3 years but well taken care of - the black finish is starting to wear off in various places It was bought with the Nippon Gold and an Iomic that I no longer have (should be the original specs from Golds) Loft is 3,6* Lie 69,7* Head only: 344 grams 325 dollars shipped 290 dollars shipped
  4. wedda


    Sweden so shipping shouldnt be too expensive for head only
  5. wedda


    150 down to 100 USD
  6. wedda


    Lowered prices
  7. wedda


    Price lowered 160 to 130 USD
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