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  1. I ended up grab BJ’s 5. I was super impressive by the feeling and forgiveness. Won’t bag it for betting, but definitely a keeper for me for a long time!
  2. It is very square face angle to me. Whoever need help launch the ball, this one is the best option. So undervalued brand.
  3. Very expensive driver in JDM. Check out the price and material Waccine used for their driver. so easy to launch and very very long. 10.5 loft. Head only. Will trade for a 9.5 same model. $250 shipped
  4. Seven: Heads only. $380 gifted +shipping. Epon: this year’s Tour wedge model. 52-11;56-14;60-09 ( bounce). With Modus shaft. $500 gifted + shipping. Cheers!
  5. Just add Modart D+R 10.5 with Bangvoo. will update the picture with name and date shortly.
  6. Romaro. sold Just add Modart D+R 10.5 with Bangvoo 260CPM. Great condition. 45.25 length. With head cover. $460 gifted + shipping
  7. Two good drivers. 1. Romaro Ray Type R, 9.5 loft with Basileus AAA (2015) 50S. Head cover. $sold gifted+ shipping 2. 2017 Ryoma Type-V, 10.5, with stock Tour AD shaft. Stiff. Head cover. $300 gifted + shipping no trade. Thanks.
  8. As titled, a great Roddio combination. Play at 45 length. No head cover. M-5 shaft is stiff flex. $400 gifted, plus shipping cost.
  9. Dean, what is the length of both Modart? GLWS!
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