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  1. Thanks. Mate. I actually want to convert TATAKI to a 3 wood shaft, so we will see.
  2. Several shafts for sale today: 1. Beyond Power. 41.5, from a Ryoma 5 wood. $90 gifted+ shipping. 2. Labospec Tataki, 70. Flex: SX, TQ:3.7. High Quick Point. Length 43.8. $130 gifted+shipping 3. Crazy Boron Flex X. 44 length. No grip. $200 gifted+ shipping 4. Crazy Black La Bomba Tour 65. Flex SX. Length 42.3. $180 gifted+shipping. thanks.
  3. Ryoma F3. Newer version. Shafted with Crazy FW80 6.9 flex shaft. Whole length is 43-43.25. No head cover. $350 gifted PayPal.
  4. Nob, does the 155IZ need an adaptor for the shaft? Cheers.
  5. 5-P in mint condition. Just couple of range session. Heads only. $sold gifted + shipping.
  6. Modart 01D model driver. 10 degree loft. Graphite Design AD DI 6S Limited black edition. No head cover. $380 gifted. Shipped in US.
  7. My G20 5 wood with Oban Devotion 85X keeps one spot in my bag forever. Im actually looking for some good condition G20 3 wood and Oban shaft to hope to build out a similar monster. I always love Epon driver’s feeling, but I never gain any distance with any model. Both 105 and 155i are so good for finding the fairway, but my Ryoma or Modart really crushed them by 20 yards easily.
  8. Asked my builder to put a 2017 Ryoma FW stock shaft in stiff flex. Price is $230 now.
  9. $sold gifted. Free shipping in US. Lowest I would go.
  10. These were sold on eBay.
  11. Thanks. Nob. I totally agree. I’m actually gonna game 505 this year for sure. Need build with MCI black 100S. It just matter if I order them that way after sold this set, or reshaft these if I couldn’t sell. But 505 indeed is my favorite Epon model within last 5 years.
  12. 5-P. Nippon 950GH Stiff. Iomic grips. All in superb shape. 5 iron is 38. $sold gifted. Free shipping in US. No trade. For anyone wants to discuss why I don’t like them, I really like them, just shafts are a bit light. If I can’t sell them at this price, I will reshaft them with 100G shafts. Let me know if you need more pics. Thanks.
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