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  1. Haovictor

    Design Tuning Nippon 980 GH

    These were sold on eBay.
  2. Haovictor


    Thanks. Nob. I totally agree. I’m actually gonna game 505 this year for sure. Need build with MCI black 100S. It just matter if I order them that way after sold this set, or reshaft these if I couldn’t sell. But 505 indeed is my favorite Epon model within last 5 years.
  3. Haovictor


    5-P. Nippon 950GH Stiff. Iomic grips. All in superb shape. 5 iron is 38. $sold gifted. Free shipping in US. No trade. For anyone wants to discuss why I don’t like them, I really like them, just shafts are a bit light. If I can’t sell them at this price, I will reshaft them with 100G shafts. Let me know if you need more pics. Thanks.
  4. Fairway Wings Type S Hybrid. Tungsten Weighted. 24 loft. With Nippon 1050 shaft. Matching head cover. $85 gifted shipped in US.
  5. Haovictor

    Epon 213 52-56 heads $180

    Title said everything. Heads only. $180 Gifted payment. Free shipping in US.
  6. Haovictor

    Kyoei KK MB 4-P

    Got these a bit while back when they first released. Very cool mirror finish. 4-P. Still have plastics on. Decide to stay with CB. $880 gifted. Free domestic shipping. Not looking for any trade. Have more to sell soon.
  7. Haovictor

    Grandista, TRPX Xanadu

    $400 gifted, $200 for head only.
  8. Haovictor

    Ryoma F2, Crazy FW80 6.9

    As titled described, F2, 43.25 long. Without Head cover. Will protect well for shipping. $270 gifted. Free shipping in US. Thanks!
  9. Haovictor

    Modart 19 FW (TRPX)

    Hybrid with 7D sold on eBay. 5 wood with TRPX $250 gifted.
  10. Haovictor


    Sold. Thanks!
  11. Haovictor


    $100 shipped.
  12. Haovictor

    Grandista, TRPX Xanadu

    $420 gifted. Free shipping in US.
  13. Haovictor

    Fujikura MCI 100X

    Price dropped. $200 gifted.
  14. Haovictor


    Sold. Thanks for all the interests and offer.
  15. Haovictor


    Shafts is stiff, light weight.