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  1. Some solid clubs and shafts for sale today. Modart : Fairway wood, 14 degree. Stock SR flex. Iomic grip. Matching head cover. $250 gifted PayPal + shipping cost. hybrid. 22 degree. With OTI 90 in X flex. Head cover included. $230 gifted PayPal + shipping cost. TRPX: X-Line Concept 75 Fairway shaft, in SX flex. 42.25 length. Iomic grip. $150 gifted PayPal + shipping cost Limited Edition El Dorado driver shaft. In SR flex. 45 length. $220 gifted PayPal + shipping cost Cheers!
  2. Looking for a Ryoma F3 2018 version as trade option.
  3. 1. Epon 505 5-P with Fujikura MCI black 100 stiff. In great condition. Sold. 2. Modart FW head only. 16 degree loft. With head cover. $sold + shipping
  4. You got it. Mate. Working with my builder right now. Hot season in Socal for golf.
  5. Shafts only would be $550 net.
  6. Thanks. Mate. I will give that a try.
  7. Hi, Nob, for some reason, I could not up load the pictures from my phone. Let me figure this out. If not, you can remove this. Thanks.
  8. Yeah. I hit a lot of second shots in Par 5 with F5, better direction control and no issue on distance. FW80 is the same one I put in!!!
  9. I had a F2 in my bag 4-5 years ago for several months. I did not see much different other than a hair low ball flight than the F3. In my opinion, F5 is so far the best FW ever made by JDM brand.
  10. Very long and low spin combo. The feeling on the Kamui is incredible. 43 length. With head cover. $250 gifted pp. plus shipping cost.
  11. Great combination. Great for someone who wants an easy launch with a stable feeling. Iomic grip is in nice condition. No head cover but will put a good protection. $350 gifted PayPal.
  12. I don’t think you could find a right fit here considering the shipping cost. If head only is an option, maybe.
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