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  1. Haovictor

    My 2019 Golf Resolutions

    Sorry to hear your injury, Richard. Be well soon!!!
  2. Haovictor


    I sure, those Epon wedges can get way more on flea bay. GLWS!
  3. Haovictor

    KYOEI Blade Pics!

    I get a bit confused too on these KK MB and MB Proto. Are there any different?
  4. Haovictor


    10.5. Head is sold. Shaft no longer for sale.
  5. Haovictor

    2016 Ryoma FW, MCI 100X

    I don’t know much on these MCI honestly. I been enjoying my 100 Stiff for a long time, so I’m curious how X will do. I traded these 2 years ago. Just don’t have chance to test. The length is showing in pics. The two longest ones are exactly same, and the two shortest ones are very closed. They are 37.5 and 34. 6. I think you need some club builder’s help to make them properly into a set, unless you are Nob’s level on club building.
  6. Haovictor

    2016 Ryoma FW, MCI 100X

    Couldn’t load some pics, including the name card. Will retake photos tomorrow.
  7. Haovictor

    2016 Ryoma FW, MCI 100X

    1. Ryoma F5, 2016 model. SR flex. Sold gifted free shipping in US. 2. Ryoma F3, Black IP. Head only. 3. MCI X100. Total 8 piece. No grips. $220 gifted. Free shipping in US.
  8. Haovictor

    Grandista, TRPX Xanadu

    $450 gifted free shipping in US
  9. Haovictor

    J Beam BM-TI UT 21

    Just update from my old post. Cheers!
  10. Haovictor

    Grandista, TRPX Xanadu

    T.388 sold. Thanks.
  11. Haovictor

    Grandista, TRPX Xanadu

    S-Yard XV sold. Grandista Head only $220 gifted. Free ship in US.
  12. Haovictor


    Ryoma F2, $250 gifted. Free ship in US.
  13. Haovictor


    Got this from a good member here. Moving to other direction. Lengthis 45.5 $530 gifted + shipping cost. Will upload more pics and name card shortly. Head sold. Shaft no longer for sale.
  14. Haovictor

    J Beam BM-TI UT 21

    A classic model from JBeam. Very crispy sound and easy to hit straight. Doesn’t fit my distance gap any more. Come with a Hubrid cover I bought from local store. KK 80 Hybrid shaft in stiff. $125 gifted+shipping
  15. Haovictor

    Grandista, TRPX Xanadu

    The head was hotmelted by Joe Kwok. Muted sound. I don’t know the face angle. Looks pretty square to me. I can sell Head only at $250 gifted pp plus shipping.