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  1. Haovictor

    Grandista, TRPX Xanadu

    T.388 sold. Thanks.
  2. Haovictor

    Grandista, TRPX Xanadu

    S-Yard XV sold. Grandista Head only $220 gifted. Free ship in US.
  3. Haovictor

    FW sale. Ryoma F2 crazy FW80

    Ryoma F2, $250 gifted. Free ship in US.
  4. Got this from a good member here. Moving to other direction. Lengthis 45.5 $530 gifted + shipping cost. Will upload more pics and name card shortly.
  5. Haovictor

    $ sold

    The newer model Ryoma Type-V Maxima. 10.5 loft. With Beyond the Power shaft. Definitely shows some wear of use. Without head cover. $sold gifted+ shipping.
  6. Haovictor

    Grandista, TRPX Xanadu

    The head was hotmelted by Joe Kwok. Muted sound. I don’t know the face angle. Looks pretty square to me. I can sell Head only at $250 gifted pp plus shipping.
  7. Haovictor

    Grandista, TRPX Xanadu

  8. Haovictor

    Grandista, TRPX Xanadu

  9. Haovictor

    Grandista, TRPX Xanadu

    1. Grandista LS-001. 10.5. TRPX Xanadu SR. Length is 45.5 $480 gifted + shipping cost. 2. S-Yard T. 388. Head only. No cover. Sold 3. S-Yard XV. Head only. 9.5 loft. There is small dent on top of the head ( show in the pic ). Won’t effect play though. Sold
  10. Haovictor

    Modart 19 FW (TRPX),Modart 22 Hybrid (7D)

    New price. Hybrid $450 gifted free shipping within conus. 5 wood. $270 gifted. Free ship in conus.
  11. Nippon N.S. Pro 980GH (D.S.T) iron shaft. Stiff flex. Black/yellow/silver Design Tuning coating. The set of Lamkin UTX Cord grips are standard size and newly installed. 4 iron shaft length is 37.6, Pitch wedge shaft length is 34.5 .355 tip size. $230 gifted + actual shipping cost.
  12. Haovictor

    FW sale. Ryoma F2 crazy FW80

    Kamui pair sold. Ryoma is still available.
  13. Can pass as new, while I did put some on the practice green. Cheers.
  14. Haovictor

    Labospec 358....Hashiri combo.

    Modart R+ won my driver competition too. I need let some drivers go soon.
  15. Haovictor

    FW sale. Ryoma F2 crazy FW80

    Thanks a lots. Friends. The Kamui loft is 14&18. The 5 wood is X stiff flex. Cheers!