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  1. +1. Great member to deal with!
  2. Pics tell all the details. $180 gifted.
  3. As title said, great combo. I just love my old Ryoma with Crazy FW80 more. $400 gifted. 48 hours sale. Will leave here Friday morning.
  4. Decide to keep.

    9 loft. Very easy to launch. TRPX Raytis Touale stiff flex. This is a light weight shaft, which makes this combo very workable off the tee. Super long. Just get too many drivers and shafts. Need move some room out. A bit cosmetic issues around neck, but doesn’t effect the performance. No head cover. Will well protect for shipping. $450 gifted.
  5. Sold. Thanks TSG!

  6. Masters pick

  7. Sold. Thanks TSG!

    Yes. This is a beast off the tee.
  8. Gone

  9. Sold. Thanks TSG!

    My last blackout limited model. (Sold couple of heads already.) Honestly, I hit Ryoma more consistent than this one. But no any other driver can make me more excited when I stand on tee box. Especially pair with 7D here. 10 loft, square face, 196-198 weight. 45.25 length. 9/10 condition on the head. 7D is in stiff flex. 63 grams. $sold gifted. Outside US please add the shipping cost.
  10. Epon 105 sold

    Shaft sold. Thanks!
  11. Epon 105 sold

    Head has a pending sale. Let me know if anyone has interest on the shaft before I put into other head.
  12. Epon 105 sold

    Will consider to sell head only if the number is right.
  13. Quietly waiting for the release of this!

    Love Grandista!
  14. Epon 105 sold

    $450. Last drop.