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  1. Gold factory putter

    Welcome back. T. You never change your style!
  2. S-Yard T388 9.5 $ sold.

    Forgot this one. $110 gifted ship in US, or $170 gifted with a Graphite Design AD-GP 7X shaft.
  3. Epon 105 with KK XT60 SR shaft

    $500 now.
  4. Sold

  5. Sold

    Sold. Thanks!
  6. Sold

    No much to say. 10 loft. Square. 196-198 weight. I can get it accurate tomorrow. Head cover include $sold gifted. Shipped.
  7. Japan for Holiday

    Does the JP golf Fair open to public? Event like PGA show in Orlando only open to PGA member.
  8. Sold

    In great condition. I used TMB 4i, so never really gamed this one. 38.5 length. Iomic grip in good condition too. $sold gifted shipped in US. Thanks.
  9. Epon 502 OnOff Forged 2013 Ryoma Maruman Egg

    Very interesting. Cool video.
  10. Epon 105 with KK XT60 SR shaft

    For the trade, I will take 2017 Ryoma Type-G, 9.5 loft and stiff flex.
  11. Epon 105 with KK XT60 SR shaft

    Richard, I had 153 a bit while ago. Never really gamed it. I think 153 launch the ball a bit too high for me. But I remember 153’s impact with ball is very crispy, and also very forgiving. On the forgivingness, 105 and 153 are very similar. While 105 is a mid launch Head with my swing. ( My natrual ball flight is always higher.) Like the way your describ the new J Beam Head, the ball seems to stay on the face forever, and the feeling is a kind of forged soft. When I hit my JBeam blackout on the sweet spot, i had the same feeling. But I don’t hit that spot with blackout very often. Lol. Since I only hit 20-30 shots with 153, maybe other Epon expert could help on size and feeling comparing. Cheers, V
  12. Epon 105 driver, with Mitsubishi Rayon KuroKage XT60 SR ( Stiff-Regular). 45- 45.25 length. 10.5 degree loft. Shaft is super mint condition. Very rare to find a KK XT model in SR flex. And this very stable shaft has been Rory and Day’ s choice on their drivers. Epon 105 has been in and out off my bag several times. Best feeling Epon driver IMO, but I don’t get any distance advantage comparing with my old gamers. $520 gifted shipped for US buyers. Cheers, Vic
  13. Sold. Thanks.

    Pair of Epon personal wedges D and F. Heads only. Sold.
  14. Tyson Lamb

    I do not know much about Evenroll, but I can tell it is The Most popular brand at this moment.
  15. SOLD thanks

    D, I stacked tons of gears, while not even bother to take pics and list out. Because, no one gonna buy. Try your luck on eBay, mate.