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  1. Smoothiest shaft out there!
  2. Over the time, 2015 AAA is always one of the best.
  3. When I join the discussion of 3&5 FW combo, I just recalled I still have one listing here. I love 16 better than 14.
  4. +1 on Modart. As long as Ryoma, but as easy as Hybrid. The only issue I had with Modart is I can't get along with their 14 loft one. 16 & 19 combo is incredible.
  5. Thanks. I will email some discount coupon for it!
  6. As title said. $120 PP gifted ship in US. Head only. 9.5. With headcover. Great shape.
  7. Sold.
  8. If anyone has one, I expect a big dollar number to be thrown out.
  9. Hey, Richard, this is a great review and truly reflect your passion on golf. Well done! I really learn something from it. Thanks!
  10. I have a brand new Kamakura. $600 gifted shipped in US. If this price is ok, I will send you some pics.
  11. Roddio now is $330 gifted. Pair Seven wedges $150 gifted.
  12. I will take the Grandista. PM coming.