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  1. Thanks a lot! Guys. Got some offers, but nothing solid yet.
  2. I love these wedges. Especially with OTI shafts. Just move the direction to Miura.
  3. Epon Tour Wedges 50-54-58 set with OTI95 stiff. $375 gifted with free domestic shipping
  4. Haovictor

    Sold on eBay

    Big and final price drop! $930 gifted.
  5. The face of head shows the wear. The Diamana BF70S and grip are brand new when installed. Without original head cover. Will put one to protect. Traded gifted with free domestic shipping.
  6. Haovictor

    Sold on eBay

    PXG Gen2 P Model, 4-P ( PXG use W as P ). Total 7 clubs. With MCI black 100 stiff. Standard loft and lie. .25 over length. 5 iron is 38.25. Sold on ebay
  7. I had these E-60 long time ago and traded to a member. Tried to buy them back, but he no longer had them. I’m pretty sure the Korean dealer no longer has them 2 years ago.
  8. All factory stocked. $270 gifted with domestic shipping. Thanks.
  9. Heads only. Epon personal 3. Heads 4-P.
  10. Yes. I can do that. Just sent you a message. Please check your message box.
  11. With head cover. $175 gifted. Free ship domestic.
  12. Thanks. Very rare shaft! What is the weight and stiffness on them?
  13. Can you take couple of pictures on the iron shaft? Thanks.
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