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  1. Haovictor

    Epon 205 3 FW, Head Only

    As titled, in great shape. $275 gifted. Free shipping in US.
  2. Haovictor

    Kamui TP 09S Head only $160

    Shaft is sold. Head only $160 gifted + shipping cost.
  3. Haovictor

    Kamui TP 09S Head only $160

    Shaft only or head only
  4. Kamui TP09S. 9 loft, very easy and high launch. Come with TRPX Raytis Touale stiff shaft. A light weight but super stable shaft. In 45 length. This combo is super long. Not in mint condition, no head cover. Not a bad price, either. $ gifted + actual shipping cost. I will consider trade, but the trade value will be much higher.
  5. Haovictor

    Modart 19 FW (TRPX),Modart 22 Hybrid (7D)

    Decide to keep the driver. Put the name card in other listing.
  6. Haovictor

    Modart 19 FW (TRPX),Modart 22 Hybrid (7D)

    Will upload driver and name card in the afternoon.
  7. Modart 22 Hybrid, with 7D shaft. Shaft’s index is: 14 flex, 2.5 toque , mid quick, 72 grams. $480 gifted PayPal + actual shipping cost. Modart 19 Fairway Wood, with TRPX Red Hot shaft. $280 gifted PayPal + actual shipping cost. No trade please. Thanks.
  8. Haovictor

    Sold. Thanks!

    Beautiful combo. ZY 11 is 10 loft and 198 weight. Square face. Basileus β Beta 60 S is a great 80 ton shaft. 45 length. No head cover. $sold. gifted PayPal. Free ship in US. Not looking for any trade right now. Thanks.
  9. Haovictor

    Sold. Thanks.

  10. Haovictor

    Sold. Thanks.

    More pics.
  11. Haovictor

    Sold. Thanks.

    Thanks! Nob. Let’s make the listing official!
  12. Haovictor

    Sold. Thanks.

    Epon Personal 3, 5-P with Accra 90i stiff. Will put in 4 iron head only. Pure black grips are in good shape. All black match beautifully. 5 iron is 37.75. People might not realize how good Accra shafts are. Very smooth and stably. So easy to launch. Will add more pics for the whole set tomorrow. $850 gifted, plus the actual shipping cost. No trade pls. Thanks.
  13. Haovictor

    All gone! Thanks!

    Four Driving or long irons tonight. All are in brand new or mint condition. Grips are either new or mint too. No trade please.1. Epon AF 903. 23 loft. Recoil 660 F3. Golf pride grip. Forgiving and high launch club. I bag one with different shaft. This model is really Epon’s best driving iron product. 2. Honma Tour World 737V 3 Iron. Brand new. N.S. Pro Modus Tour 120 Stiff. Stock grip. 3. Miura CB 57 Black edition 3 iron. Brand new. Modus Tour 105 Stiff. No. 1 grip. 4. Callaway 2018 X Forged UT, 21 loft. Recoil 110 F4. Winn Dri-Tach grip, in mint shape. thanks.
  14. Haovictor

    Sold. Thanks.

    Honma sold. Thanks!
  15. Haovictor

    Sold. Thanks.

    1. Honma 727V 4-P. With KBS tour 90 shaft in stiff. Grips are in great shape. 5i is 38 long. Sold + actual shipping cost. 2. Seiko S-Yard T.388 driver. 9.5 loft. Graphite design AD-GT 7S. Club is 45.25 long, with matching head cover. $sold gifted + actual shipping cost. Thanks.