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  1. Back to the market. There are couple of shafts might not be S400. The price reflect it. $330 gifted for whole set. $300 for heads only. Thanks.
  2. Standard loft and lie. 5i is 38. DG S400 shaft. Grips are about done. $sold gifted PayPal. Free shipping in US. No trade.
  3. Have several A Grind clubs for sale tonight. 1. 3 wood. 15 loft head. With head cover. $130 gifted PP. 2. Proto 4UT. With Matrix White Tie R flex. Matching Head Cover. $150 Gifted PP. 3. 4 UT. With Crazy STP 55 UT shaft. Matching head cover. $200 Gifted PP.
  4. Beyond power shaft $80 gifted. Free shipping in US.
  5. M5 Rocket 3 wood. With AD IZ 7S. 43 length with 0.25 butt extend. M6 Head cover. Brand new Lamkin grips and brand new authentic TM adaptor. $300 gifted shipped in US.
  6. Tataki and La Bomba are gone.
  7. Thanks. Mate. I actually want to convert TATAKI to a 3 wood shaft, so we will see.
  8. Several shafts for sale today: 1. Beyond Power. 41.5, from a Ryoma 5 wood. $sold gifted+ shipping. 2. Labospec Tataki, 70. Flex: SX, TQ:3.7. High Quick Point. Length 43.8. Sold. 3. Crazy Boron Flex X. 44 length. No grip. $200 gifted+ shipping 4. Crazy Black La Bomba Tour 65. Flex SX. Length 42.3. Sold thanks.
  9. Ryoma F3. Newer version. Shafted with Crazy FW80 6.9 flex shaft. Whole length is 43-43.25. No head cover. $sold.
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