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  1. It would be shame to separate the shaft and heads, as they are such an incredible combination. You can send me your best offer. If it is right, I will consider. I have a 3 iron head only as well.
  2. Haovictor


    As titled, length 45.25. Only has very little use. With head cover. Sold
  3. Hi, Stu, Thanks for giving some words to this beautiful set. Your guess is actually pretty close. I indeed did not game this set much. From my very limited play, I found this reduce some of my ball flight for sure. ( My natural ball flight is high. ) And the shaft is in the side of lighter shaft for sure, while super stable and penetrating. If you have a spare set of CBI-80, you should feel very guilty for that. LOL Cheers, Vic
  4. Thanks. Mate. If you don’t show me the shaft, I almost forgot this set. Hope they can find a better Home.
  5. Been collecting dust for way too long. Heads are in superb condition. Shafts are classic Crazy CBI-80, sticky Type. There are couple of scratch spots on the shafts here and there, showing in the pictures. Standard loft and lie. 5 iron is 38. Grips are all No.1. $1500 gifted plus actual shipping cost.
  6. This is the very early version of Seven CB. Trade them back from a friend recently. Definitely show some usage, but over all in very solid shape. There is a blemish on 4 iron showing in picture. It is not a chip or ding, but like a water drop on it. I don’t know how that happen. $850 gifted PayPal.
  7. For sale today, Grandista RS 001, 10 loft. With 2017 Basileus AAA 60S. Both head and shaft are showing some usage. The whole club length is 45.5, without factory head cover. The shaft has been pulled 2-3 times. $450 gifted PayPal. Free shipping in US.
  8. Iron set traded. Wedges is still available. $200.
  9. I can sell the heads only on either iron set or wedges.
  10. I might be interested in your 316. Tom. Let me know when you get them.
  11. I’ve try new Type V. I really like it. In fact, Ping G400 LST kicked my 2016 Ryoma out off my bag. And even new Ping G410 can not challenge G400. But finally, the new Ryoma type V kick my Ping G400 out. I found new version Ryoma is much more forgiving. Even those kind of miss shots, are pretty straight. The distance is as always very long.
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