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  1. I can sell the heads only on either iron set or wedges.
  2. I might be interested in your 316. Tom. Let me know when you get them.
  3. I’ve try new Type V. I really like it. In fact, Ping G400 LST kicked my 2016 Ryoma out off my bag. And even new Ping G410 can not challenge G400. But finally, the new Ryoma type V kick my Ping G400 out. I found new version Ryoma is much more forgiving. Even those kind of miss shots, are pretty straight. The distance is as always very long.
  4. Thanks. Nob. Very helpful info. So 52-06; 58-10 on the wedges. Cheers!
  5. I don’t know the exact bounce. My feeling are 52-08; 58-12( maybe 14)
  6. For sale, PRFR ID Nabla Tour 4-P, in great condition. No any ding or brown. Very little usage. Shaft with MCI black 100 X. 5 iron is 38.25. $500 gifted PayPal, free domestic shipping. A pair of matching wedges. 52 and 58+. With MCI black Solid 105 wedge shaft. $200 gifted PayPal. Take the whole lot, $650 Only trade will be Autoflex shaft.
  7. Solid combo. The lighter weight help launch the ZY11 greatly. 10 degree loft. Square face. I don’t know exactly the head weight, feel like 196-198 grams. length is 45.25. Got it from trade with a good member, so this is all I know about it. $280 gifted.
  8. Thanks. Bud. Shipping to your country is kind of tough. I couldn’t find a reasonable carrier for a driver.
  9. Thanks. Hutch. It is pretty firm flex, but as always you only feel stable and effortless on 7D.
  10. Bridgestone Tour B XD-F, 3&5 Fairway Wood, they are in mint condition. 3 wood has a Crazy Boron shaft, in SX flex. 43.5 length. With black-red Iomoc grip. $200 gifted. 5 wood has a fire express BF 70 in F2 flex. Firm flex. With golf pride grip. 42.5 length. $150 gifted Take both, $320 shipped.
  11. Epon sold. Miura is still available
  12. Epon Limited blue glazed 705 5-P. Great condition with very little use. Accra 110 stiff shaft. Pic shows 5i length. $sold gifted Miura TC201 5-P. With Vokey SM8 50-F. With Nippon 105 Matt Black shafts. $sold gifted.
  13. 1. Epon 505 5&4 heads. Mint. $380 Gifted 2. Epon 302 Copper 4 iron head, brand new. $250 gifted Will upload pictures shortly.
  14. After play both Epon 505/305, and Miura TC201, I think I will have to vote that Miura create better iron than Epon now.
  15. Just did some adjustments. Here are Crazy 7 Wood pictures. Both F3 and 7 wood show some wear from the normal use.
  16. For sale, no trade. Epon 305, 5-P, great condition. With Oban CT115 stiff shaft. All been pured. Standard loft and lie. 5 iron is 38.25. $sold
  17. Haovictor


    Update a different listing. Cheers
  18. 1). Crazy CRZ Full Titanium 3 wood, with 7D shaft. I no longer have the user book. But I can share the specs page picture here. This is not a 7D driver shaft trimmed. It was a custom order of a 43 length 3 wood shaft. Please check the specs in the picture. No head cover. $700 gifted PayPal for the whole club. 2). Crazy Full Titanium 7 Wood with shaft. $sold gifted. Free domestic shipping.
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