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  1. Anyone has Epon Personal 3 4-PW heads only or with shafts?
  2. Interested in selling only, no trades. Thank you.
  3. Seven Kyuzo Putter - Nicr Satin - 34" - Translucent Blue Paint Fill / White Site Line / Black accent line on sole - Elite Grip I have used this putter only once and as far as I can see with my eyes, there are no visible marks of any sort at any place on the putter. Basically 99% condition. I am only selling this because the putter does not seem to fit my putting swing, nothing wrong with the putter itself. As for the putter, it is as good as any other SEVEN products. I also own SEVEN irons and wedges and I absolutely love them, they feel amazing! I would like to sell them at $430 not including shipping. Thank you in advance for any interest.
  4. My Miura iron and putter in BlackBoron with KBS Tour Custom black shaft to match =) My SEVEN iron in Copper Soft Black Underlay =) My SEVEN 52,56 wedge in Smoked Copper and Copper Satin with TourIssue Black Onyx shafts =) SEVEN Putter =)
  5. Hi, I'm currently using the SEVEN wedge in 52,56,60 degrees. This is the 2016 model but not the Double Milled one, all of them non-conforming. The feel is soft and great at impact and the ball spins like crazy. I have no idea how bounce, toe, onset works but I play on both hard and soft grass and it seems to work fine on all. If you want extra spin then this is the wedge to go for, they do shred the ball cover quite a bit especially if you are using the soft premium type golf balls. I posted a video of me hitting from 125 yards away using a Nike RZN Platinum and using a DG TourIssue X100 BlackOnyx shaft. This is the type of spin they create. Hope u guys enjoy it. Sorry if my reply was not able to answer the question. Thank you.trim.FC77C01E-B1E1-407E-8444-E7B2CE4DD09F.MOVtrim.C24782EE-2C68-4F53-BCB7-258EC80B3A49.MOV
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