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  1. bogeylondon

    Scott Golf SG-02 4-P S200 $500 shipped CONUS

    Price reduced - $450
  2. bogeylondon

    HNY to all

    My dreams! If only I could afford it 😞
  3. I am selling a set of Scott Golf SG-02 irons 4-P in very good condition, shafted with DG S200, brand new PURE midsize grips. The set is 1* stronger loft. I bought the set 2 months ago from an advanced member of Golfwrx and used it to practice on the range only as it has heavier shafts than those I am playing. Price $500 shipped CONUS with USPS priority from New York city. No trades. Scott Golf irons retail price is above $1000 without shaft.
  4. bogeylondon

    Fujimoto cb

    Fujimoto MB is extremely beautiful
  5. bogeylondon

    Design Tuning Nippon 980 GH

    How much would it cost to ship them to New York city?
  6. bogeylondon

    Epon 502 OnOff Forged 2013 Ryoma Maruman Egg

    Hi, is the Kuro set still available?
  7. bogeylondon

    Epon sus316 4-p CHEAP!!

    Is Sus 316 good and forgiving? Thanks
  8. bogeylondon

    I want JDM adjustable driver suggestions

    I love PRGR Super Egg Long Spec. It is the longest driver I've ever hit although it can not be played in sanctioned tournament.
  9. My longest driver is PRGR Super Egg Long-Spec, stiff shaft 65gram, 46.5'' long.
  10. bogeylondon

    Midsize grip changes SW?

    Hi, I want to change my iron grips from standard size to midsize.Will this change affect my swing weight? Will the SW be lighter if the grip is heavier?Thanks.
  11. bogeylondon

    BUCHI vs200 4/pw

    600 USD heads only??? Wow! Where will you ship from?
  12. Beautiful set. Do you sell heads only?
  13. bogeylondon

    yururi PDG mb .. anyone ?

    The set has raw finish in black which is easy to get rusty if playing in the rain. The feel is soft, accurate but players may lose from 1/2 to 1 club in distance.