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  1. Midsize grip changes SW?

    Hi, I want to change my iron grips from standard size to midsize.Will this change affect my swing weight? Will the SW be lighter if the grip is heavier?Thanks.
  2. BUCHI vs200 4/pw

    600 USD heads only??? Wow! Where will you ship from?
  3. Beautiful set. Do you sell heads only?
  4. yururi PDG mb .. anyone ?

    The set has raw finish in black which is easy to get rusty if playing in the rain. The feel is soft, accurate but players may lose from 1/2 to 1 club in distance.
  5. yururi PDG mb .. anyone ?

    I got one set Yururi PDG MB last May.
  6. Recommend some JDM Drivers

    Then you should try PRGR long-specs Super Egg
  7. Tour AD driver

    Tour AD is famous for its shafts. But it also releases their driver. Anyone ever try the driver. Review is much appreciated. Attached Thumbnails
  8. Grindworks driver head only £145 posted.

    Hi Ian, is it the newly-released Kyoei heads?
  9. SOLD long ago

    Beautiful iron heads!
  10. [Sold] Epon P3 4-P (Heads Only) 7 pcs

  11. Korea Only Gold IP SEVEN CB!

    It is so flashy which fits the mind of Asian amateur golfers well :)
  12. BOGEY's 3rd bag

    YURURI PDG irons and wedges. Imported from Tokyo for 1050 USD for the irons and 500 USD for the wedges, all heads only. Shafted with NSPRO 950 S flex and Lamkin grip midsize. Painted by the proshop. I believe it is the only set like this in Hanoi.
  13. Made in Japan by SAKATA ( 50 reasons )

    I always want golf clubs that are 100% made in Japan, not those made in China! So, I played Honma before, but not in my list now. My eyes are glued to Yururi and Kyoei.
  14. I think it cost much more than that, not just 300-350 per head. It hurts!