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    Ryoma Maxima Type-V 9.5° Romaro Ray Type R FW 15° UT 21° & 24° Honma 727vn 5-PW Sky Dream 50° & 54° & 58° Edel E-2 putter

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  1. Review on PDG Yururi blade?

    That's to be expected. The loft is very weak.
  2. Flex-wise it feels just about right. IB shafts dampen a lot of vibration so when you hit them it feels very very smooth compared with steel shafts.
  3. Joe, mine are IB95 in stiff. I originally thought they might be a tad too light but in the end they felt great. My driver SS is around 105mph. I hit my 6 iron about 165 yards carry. My steel shafts are Nippon modus 125 stiff.
  4. I've been gaming a set of Honma 727vn in black nickel finish for 6 months. They are so sweet in every way that I can say with utmost confidence that they are the best JDM irons I have ever played and I have tried my fair share. The IB Vizard shafts and W-forged heads are in perfect balance. They are beautiful to look at and hit. Honestly I've more or less stopped Ho'ing JDM. I just stick to Honma for irons and Ryoma and Romaro for woods.
  5. New Ryoma Fairways..

    Omfg Ryoma irons!!!!
  6. 3-wood advise

    I play their stock shafts in stiff and it works fine great for me. My driver SS is 105-110mph.
  7. 3-wood advise

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Romaro Type-R 3W. I've heard others say the 2016 Ray V 3W is even better.
  8. Modus3 Limited Red Shafts

    can't see it in the shop yet..
  9. Allegedly Edel Golf will release single-length irons by this summer. I'm immensely intrigued by the idea and will probably get a set immediately when it's available. How would it feel like to hit a 4/5 iron with 7 iron shaft length? :)...
  10. http://www.ryomagolf.co.jp/wp/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/RYOMA-MAXIMA6.29.pdf Based on Google Translation: 1) Centre of gravity 50% lower vs Maxima 2) -900rpm vs competitors 3) ball speed +1.7m/s
  11. Epon AF-205 & Tour Wedge

    Aria Jutanugarn? I'm a big fan.
  12. Epon AF-205 & Tour Wedge

    I just watched Jordan and Rory hit 3w off tee on TV at Memorial. Jordan ball speed 171mph and carry 292 yards. Rory ball speed 181mph and carry 302 yards. Rory's ball flight was way higher than Jordan's.
  13. Epon AF-205 & Tour Wedge

    For reference, Jordan Spieth hits 3W about 280 yards.
  14. 2015 ONOFF Forged KURO Irons

    I've had these for almost a year. Now I'm playing them in Nippon Modus 3 125 stiff and they are just sublime in distance, forgiveness and feel.
  15. Romaro Ray V woods and hybrids

    Not widely sold yet. Should be top quality as usual.