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  1. Bend'em again! They're complete butter!
  2. Any news on the reactor leaking? I know that the USA had a C5 or C17 on it's way with extra coolant. Our prayers are with you! God Bless Jer
  3. If it was 14* (which would most likely represent a "0" iron) then I'd be all over it. God Bless Jer
  4. Stew, How closed is the 380 at address? You've got me thinking 'bout getting one. I absolutely loved my JPGA Kasco 380cc drivers! God Bless Jer
  5. I've been using several versions of these for the past 18 months and all I can say is WOW! Chris is correct about the paint. Gold is conforming. Also, the rupas line (which stands for Rules Pass) has very good spin from 40+ yds. out. I find the Seida line is great for soft conditions, while the Tour line pretty much covers everything. Going to be messing with some of the hybrids soon, too. God Bless Jer
  6. Well, it looks like Todd has officially left. Craziness seems to have taken BSG's place.
  7. I'll say this. They are the best feeling wedges and Irons I have ever hit. The set that I have had to be hand ground. Also, the specs were DEAD on. I used to be a "hater", but have been converted. To me, they're worth every penny.... My 2C's. God Bless Jer
  8. Golftown also has Maruman and parts of the Beres line too. Specifically for the Toronto and Vancouver area stores. God Bless Jer
  9. I've learned more in 8 posts than I have in 6-7 years going to all the high end watch shops.... Amazing! I also like the Porsche analogy. If they only made the Cayenne in diesel!!!!! Back to topic..Doesn't Yururi also hand make most of their wedges, if not all? I have yet to see 2 of the same...maybe QC? God Bless Jer
  10. what are the weight of these shafts and do they make them in a 90-100 version? God Bless Jer
  11. I would take a Hybrid over a 5 wood b/c it is easier to keep low. I have alot of trouble "knocking down" 19* 5 wood. God Bless Jer
  12. Best JDM Driver in 2008. Epon EMB. Still want one. Best JDM Iron of 2008. TM TP Forged. Offically brought sexy back. Not too much offset and quite forgiving. Workable too! Best JDM Wedge of 2008. Epon 208KGX The looks alone are killer. Add Endo forging Versatile bounce as well. Best JDM Shaft of 2008. GD Quattro Tech. Very good dispersion. Looks aren't too distracting either. Best Course you played on in 2008: Quarry Oaks (Steinbach, MB). It was not a good year golfwise for me Best shot you made in 2008. Hole out in a tourney qualifier for eagle. Just after I had made a snowman on the previous hole.... Best Pro player in 2008. Padraig for sure. 2 majors. 'nuff said. Stared down the best and won.
  13. Lower flight and LOWER spin that X 100. Heavy though. My backup set has them in them. I would highly recommend them, especially if you play in the wind. Warning, they are HEAVY!!! God Bless Jer
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