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  1. I didn't use the clearcoat that comes with it because the paint was already thick enough and I didn't want to add more thickness to it. My crown scratches were small ones.
  2. I had scratches in the past on my drivers and woods, and I just applied the car paint fix from Autozone. It works like a charm and stays until now. http://www.autozone.com/paint-and-body/paint-scratch-fix/duplicolor-paint-scratch-fix-/460684_794929_0_199456/?checkfit=true
  3. hi guys, anybody has Ryoma Utility 24 ? Please PM me if you have . thanks
  4. Hi guys, Epon AF 202, HT, 3W, 15 degree, head only Very Good condition, Please see photos USD $250 gifted net, Paypal, plus tracked shipping at actual cost. Thanks you guys for looking.
  5. wardhr

    Found thanks.

    Hi spoon, I have Ryoma UT21...will send PM
  6. Hey Tim, I have 703 with Zelos 7, and 213's with Zelos 8. I like playing with this set when my swing is not cooperating with me :) I tried the NS PRO 750 with the 703, but I liked the Zelos better in terms of stability. I also play 503 with NSPRO 950 and 210's with NSPRO 950 One time I shafted the 503 with Recoil 95 but did not find it suitable for me.
  7. wardhr

    Irons shafted and completed

    nice color coordination !
  8. wardhr

    Epon 503 offset

    hi bogeyone, 503 is my current gamer 5-P, and it does not have a lot of offset compared to SGI type irons. My index is about the same as yours and 503 provides enough forgiveness for me.
  9. wardhr

    True love

    welcoming back to socal, chuck ! the weather is perfect here now for golfing
  10. wardhr

    Ryoma F5 fairway wood

    thanks guys, I appreciate it
  11. wardhr

    Ryoma F5 fairway wood

    Looking to buy a Ryoma D1 F5 fairway wood. Let me know. thanks