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  1. Johnnychia

    Baldo brassy

  2. Johnnychia


    Wtb kyoei irons, if someone have it,thanks
  3. Johnnychia

    Trade or Sale : Mizuno MMC Comb Modus 120s

    Do you sell just heads?
  4. Johnnychia

    EPON AF-503 5-AW -sold

    Are you thinking about trade for it?
  5. These irons are in very nice condition and general wear ,there is no sign of abuse, $350 shipped .
  6. Johnnychia

    5w shaft R flex

    I have this one,do you like it?
  7. Johnnychia

    Yonex ut 24*

    Need 24*ut ,if someone have it
  8. Do you know how much will be shipping to USA? Thx
  9. Johnnychia

    ryoma d1 maxima v spec 9.5

    Still for sale?
  10. Johnnychia

    Itobori Driver 10.5

    Pictures, please
  11. Johnnychia

    WTT A-Grind UT Hybrid

    For sell?
  12. Johnnychia

    Grandista Head.

    Still for sell?
  13. Still for sale? If yes,how much US  $ ? Thanks