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  1. Would love to buy a set. thanks.
  2. Thanks, much appreciated.
  3. So heading to Tokyo for business and want to find a good shop that has deals on JDM equipment. Are there reputable shops that sell used equipment as well as new. For example I would like to find a cherry set of Titleist VG3 Irons in the used section. Any help would be most appreciated. thanks.
  4. thanks
  5. what are the lofts of the wedges?
  6. Thanks guys.
  7. I am relatively new to JDM drivers and I read a lot about Tourstage with much reverence. What makes them so special? Thanks for any light on this topic.
  8. I would love to sell this as a single club.... I refer to it as "Air Raid" as it comes from the sky and flies forever. It is a true X flex. Catapults off the face.
  9. Lowered the price to $350! Someone take this off my hands!
  10. Thanks, if you have never tried a copper putter before this is the one!
  11. Very hard to find, The softest solid copper putter you can find. Did me well for a long time. 34" comes with head cover. Very expensive new, very reasonable at $300 used. Thanks for looking.
  12. Purchased from another meticulous member this 9/10 condition 10 degree EGG. This thing is long and carries for days. It has a Cadero grip which is a treat if you have never tried one and the Diamana X shaft is one of only 5000 pieces produced. This set up originally cost well over $1000 and I am looking for $400. Now $350!!!
  13. Seven Dreamers distance Shaft pulled from Jbeam head. Is it worth $1700 for a new one???? Is it worth a shot at $650- Absolutely! $650 is the price. Specs in the pictures below
  14. Just received my brand new Zy-11 with 2016 AAA Basileus today from Chris. Can't wait until Friday to let the beast out of the cage